SearchCo Expectations

This represents my attempt to not be controlling, but lay out my base expectations that help every cycle run a little smoother.

CoHead Expectations

  1. In most cases, the CoHead is the dam of the clutch, but that player may pass the hat to anyone else with their consent
  2. CoHead has complete choice of co members. Period. If you don't like someone else on Co, talk to the CoHead, but remember that diverse opinions and perspectives are often best for the Weyr.
  3. CoHead is responsible for setting out the timeline and due dates for the cycle and making sure that other CoMembers meet these deadlines, with the following caveats:
    • Co must be finalized at least two days before OOC search opens
    • Eggs must be completed prior to IC search open (as the clutching is the traditional indicator of IC search)
    • Eggs and Touches must be posted to the wiki no less than 3 days before questionnaires are due
    • Dragons must be completed at least 1 day prior to the hatching (Because editing on the fly sucks)
  4. CoHead is responsible for setting up a GDocs (or equivalent) folder to store redundant copies of search apps, candidate q'nairres, and egg/dragon builds as well as copies of critical logs, Gold interviews, etc for those who cannot attend.
  5. RL happens. Anyone who says otherwise is selling something. If you need more help or someone to take over as co head, ask. Don't wait to see if it gets better, don't take the stress on yourself, ask for help. It makes the whole process better for everyone. The Senior is always expected to be able to take over as CoHead in an emergency, but they still need to know the emergency exists.
  6. Interviews must occur with all gold candidates. This cannot be emphasized enough. To not interview gold candidates is to lose a large amount of the decision-making criterion and helps eliminate accusations of favoritism from outside observers.
  7. An all-co meeting will be held prior to finalizing both search and impression lists. If a time that's good for everyone cannot be found, enough warning must be given to allow those who can't make it to send their thoughts and opinions with another CoMember. These meetings allow Co to discuss and finalize opinions and look past the votes to the deeper meet of the issue.
    • Also remember that final search decisions don't need to be made right as IC search opens. If you want to wait a day or two to decide on a late applicant: do it.
  8. Final Search and Impression lists must be posted to the Co bboard for transperancy.
  9. Final hatch order must be posted to the Co bboard no less than 24 hours before the hatching so that any CoMember can take over the hatching in case of emergency.

CoMember Expectations

  1. CoMembers are expected to make use of the GDoc (or equivalent) environment set up by the CoHead to store and preserve data
  2. CoMembers must vote in both search and impression voting (this is a game-level requirement and failure to do so could result in us losing control of our cycle!)
  3. Each CoMember is expected to make every effort to rp with potential candidates at least once prior to final search decisions. We know that sometimes with last-minute apps this may not be possible, but do try to get out and rp rp rp.
  4. Each CoMember must be willing to build at least one egg and at least one dragon or work out an exception with the CoHead at the beginning of the cycle
  5. A CoMember (remember, CoHeads are also CoMembers) is expected to RP at least twice with every candidate they can get a scene with. It really takes two scenes to get an idea of a character and CoMembers should not be voting on/deciding someone's impression chances if they haven't met them. It's just rude.
  6. RL happens! (sound familiar?) If something interferes with your ability to complete your duties as a CoMember, speak up right away!
  7. Abstentions! If you're biased about a candidate (for, against, or insufficient data), abstain. I cannot emphasize this enough.
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