Sex Female
Position Candidate
Craft Healer
Rank Journeyman
Age 23
Birthplace Fort Territory Cothold
Home Monaco Bay Weyr


Unobtrusive, small and quiet this young woman is hard to notice. Dark mahogany hair tied loosely sweeps over her shoulder, a sharp contrast to her bright emerald green eyes. Cheeks soft, round and rosy, there's no sharp chin to break the curve of her jaw only arching eyebrows and elegant cheekbones.

Slender and petite, she stands at five feet and three inches. Her clothes are simple. A white blouse dress with a green skirt, filigree decorating the brown collar of her blouse and the bottom of her skirt.


Ysabella was the daughter of hardworking farm hands, they worked in fields of a cothold near Fort Hold. She never shied from the hardwork and that kept with her throughout her entire life, evevn when she finally decided on entering the Healercraft. Ysabella moved to Fort Hold to complete her training and became fascinated with planet life especially those species found in the South. New and exciting when she completed her training she requested a post on the Southern Continent. It took a while but finally she was posted to Monacao Bay Weyr, where she's been for the past three Turns.


Name Relation
Ysabe Father
Liella Mother




Title OOC Date Cast
Healer, Meet Chef June 30, 2019 Isaija, Ysabella
A Resort Risk? July 3, 2019 Ysabella, Wendyn
A Grand Opening! July 14, 2019 A'she, Barnaby, Ityrziel, Jazhira, R'en, Reya, Wendyn, Ysabella
Dis-grunt-led July 22, 2019 Horgrimm, Ityrziel, Ysabella
Expect the Unexpected (Egg Touching!) July 23, 2019 Barnaby, Ityrziel, Jazhira, Wendyn, Ysabella
Unexpected Jitters July 23, 2019 Ityrziel, Ysabella
Midnight is Perfect! (Egg Touching) July 27, 2019 Brohdan, Ityrziel, Reya, Ysabella
2019-08-17: Szetamirath and Aeldhiyth's Eggs Hatch (30th PC Clutch) 17 August 2019 Jazhira, Xh'vyr, Barnaby, Brohdan, Caydan, Horgrimm, Isaija, Ityrziel, Wendyn, Ysabella


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