Sex Female
Position Senior Weyrwoman
Dragon Gold Kiyaszaeth
Craft MineCraft
Rank Sr Apprentice
Speciality Gems
Age 24T
Birthplace Igen Desert
Home Monaco Bay Weyr


Wendyn is a rather average looking young woman - neither too tall nor too short, instead merely lean both in limb and torso. Standing at 5'8", she has little extra meat on her bones, as she has only the barest of curves, and her long, slim face ends in a narrow chin. Dusky skin, dark eyes, and dark, straight hair leave no doubt of her Igen roots, though her tendency to wear flowing clothing even outside of the desert certainly helps support that conclusion.


Born and raised to a life of crime, Wendyn's life could certainly have taken a far different turn than it did, as thankfully her path to a renegade life was interrupted in her youth. Born in a small renegade camp in the Igen desert, Wendyn quickly became a tool of her parents as soon as she could walk, often serving as a distraction, and as she turned three, taking advantage of the distraction of others became second habit. Shortly after her 4th Turnday, however, this was all put to an end when the small band was discovered and she found her life turned upside down - and relocated to live with new, adoptive parents Corlan and Mikeel - and another child from the band, Aishen. The two men lived at Igen Hold, and it was there that Wendyn learned to change and adjust, though it took many turns to break her out of the habit of nicking things just to do so.

In time, she followed one of her foster father's into the Mine craft, and while she is still merely an Senior Apprentice, she has gravitated towards gems - after all, shiny things always catch the eye of a thief.


Name Relation Position Age
Mikeel Adopted Father Master Miner
Corlan Adopted Father Master Vintner
A'she Adopted Brother Jman Vintner | Bronzerider to Qhatiratrixth +6 T
I'aija Weyrmate Bronzerider to Elvsruth
Iawyn Son Infant -24


Title OOC Date Cast
The Newest Apprentice January 16, 2019 Etinei, Wendyn
Trust Us! March 7, 2109 Viora, V'ayn, Wendyn
Not Quite Conspiracy Theories March 13, 2019 Etinei,Wendyn
A Thieving!? June 3, 2019 Wendyn,Ivelyn
Side Gig June 9th, 2019 Wendyn,Lyla
A Resort Risk? July 3, 2019 Ysabella, Wendyn
On Resort Time July 9, 2019 Isaija, K'ren, R'en, Reya, Wendyn
A Grand Opening! July 14, 2019 A'she, Barnaby, Ityrziel, Jazhira, R'en, Reya, Wendyn, Ysabella
No Stealing Allowed! (Wendyn is Searched) July 14, 2019 A'she, Jazhira, Wendyn
Brothers... The Worst July 20, 2019 Coral, Wendyn
Expect the Unexpected (Egg Touching!) July 23, 2019 Barnaby, Ityrziel, Jazhira, Wendyn, Ysabella
Festivaaaaaal! August 7, 2019 A'she, Brohdan, Ityrziel, R'en, Suyi, Xh'vyr, Wendyn
Doubts and Disquietude August 8, 2019 Brohdan, Ityrziel, Wendyn
True Beauty Lies (Within) August 16, 2019 Brohdan, Ityrziel, Wendyn
2019-08-17: Szetamirath and Aeldhiyth's Eggs Hatch (30th PC Clutch) 17 August 2019 Jazhira, Xh'vyr, Barnaby, Brohdan, Caydan, Horgrimm, Isaija, Ityrziel, Wendyn, Ysabella
Not a Dream August 18, 2019 B'an, Br'aby, Tyr'ie, Wendyn
Time to Get Funky August 22, 2019 A'she, B'an, Suyi, Tyr'ie, Wendyn
He's Dead, Jim September 18th, 2019 B'an, Suyi, Tyr'ie, Wendyn


Bronze Dishere
Dis here is that flippity floopin. That dang old floopin, man. He's got them dang 'ol flippy flaps, man. I'll tell you what, man, the dang ol' floopin, there's a man's bronze floopin. I'm talking bout' that long ol tail and nails, man.

Brown Agate
The many rich brown shades that make up this handsome fellow's hide run in various directions, sometimes fading into one another, at other times forming definite lines or junctions: reddish-brown, rich chocolate, dark tan, mahogany, and chestnuts rife from nose through wings to tailtips. It is only when bright light strikes him at varying angles that parts of his hide suddenly flare into wonderous flashes, shimmers, and rolls of chatoyant glory that subside again with a movement, then jump to life once more.


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