Sex Male
Position Weyr Artist
Dragon <dragon>
Craft <craft>
Rank <rank>
Speciality drawing
Age 17 Turns
Birthplace Seastone cothold
Home Monaco Bay Weyr


A tallish young man, Tykel is mostly long arms and legs, gangly as a foal. His facial features are handsome, cheekbones high and arched, nose and ears in proportion to the rest of his head. Sapphire eyes flecked with silver flash in deepset sockets, long, wavy black hair that cascades to his shoulders, an inverted V-shaped shadow that lurks under his nose, still in the peach-fuzz stage, and strong, white teeth in his narrow-lipped mouth complete his head A somewhat giraffish neck leads to a muscular torso and slender limbs with equally slender hands and feet. His skin is a light tan all over his body, save for where a white line about a quarter of an inch long slices horizontally across the back of his left hand. Tykel wears black cloth knee-length shorts that might have been longer at one time considering the ragged bottom hems on the legs and an open black leather wher-hide vest that reaches to just above his hips. The leather is old-looking but still soft and pliable. On his feet he wears light but sturdy open-toed strap sandals. His only nod to personal adornment is a necklace of four tunnel snake fangs on a braided black leather thong around his neck.


Tykel is the fourth of ten children, born into a small, remote cothold, Seastone, that prides itself on tradition. Tykel's father, Bregorn, is a third-generation captain in the Fishercraft and wants all his children to work the seas of Pern. The boys to man the fishing boats and the girls to hunt edible seaweeds and shellfish. But Tykel never planned on such a life for himself.

Unlike his brothers, Tykel has always been drawn to different things. Drawn to drawing as a matter of fact, starting at an early age. When he found his drawings used to start the kitchen stove fires, Tykel took to drawing in secret. Seascapes, animals, dragons, anything real or imagined that caught his fancy. Openly scorned by his father, Tykel also found himself mocked and harrassed by his brothers and sisters for his passion. All save one, his brother Lomion. Two and a half Turns older than Tykel for some reason Lomion took pity on his persecuted younger brother, encouraging him, protecting him and secretly buying him materials from the roaming traders. By the time Tykel was seven the two were inseperable.

As he grew older and stronger, Tykel did learn to handle a sailboat and, with reluctance, how to fish with hook or net. He and Lomion had many talks over mending the fishing nets. So life was hard, but with Lomion's love and support, bearable for Turns. Until Tykel's 16th Turnday, that is.%rThat night Lomion met with him secretly. “I've been called to the Fishercraft, Kel and you know how I've waited for that. I don't like leaving you here but this is my chance,” he said, taking Tykel's scarred hand in his. “Listen, brother, get out of here. Get out of here and don't come back. There's places Father can't touch you, where you can be who you want to be, live for yourself instead of living for a pompous old fool, where you can have a real home.” A final embrace come daybreak and Lomion was gone%rWithout Lomion's help and support Tykel found himself completely alone in a hostile or indifferent world. He never forgot his brother's words but getting out was not something easily done. He needed his father gone, for a long time, so he could get away and put as much distance between himself and Seastone as possible. Many months later, Bregorn planned a trip north to the Fishercraft. Why Tykel did not know, but nor did he care. Such a trip would take many sevendays, it would give him time.

Tykel prepared secretly and carefully over the sevendays before his father left. Food, water, sketchbooks, drawing necessities, blankets all gradually stuffed into a large knapsack concealed in his room.%rFinally, his father departed and, that night, Tykel, just a little over 17 Turns, slipped on his overloaded backpack and carefully slipped into the night. He walked and slept hidden at first, staying off the road to avoid being seen. He had no fear of immediate persuit for he knew his mother was weak-willed and would say nothing until Bregorn returned from his trip. Then he walked openly, wandering the country lanes and paths, going where he pleased. When his food was gone he started staying with Holders willing to house him in return for his artwork. Tykel would stay, sometimes overnight, sometimes for several days, before moving on. Now his wanderings have led him to Monoco Bay Weyr, to see what waits for him there.


Lomion ~Brother Seacrafter 19 Turns




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