Sex Female
Position Deluge Wingrider
Dragon Chauth
Craft Dolphin Craft
Craft Rank Journeyman
Rank Jr. Weyrwoman
Speciality Divemaster
Age 28
Birthplace Blackmoon Bay
Home Monaco Bay Weyr (Formerly Half Moon)


She moves with a swimmer's grace, long limbed and lean of muscle softened by feminine curves. Her eyes are a striking sea-green, caught somewhere between the deep greens and bright blues of her home waters. Her complexion is a pale bronze, her skin dotted with the occasional freckle speaking to a lifetime spent in the sun and waves. Her hair is kept shorter, dark brown threaded with hints of read and gold and almost always somehow artfully disheveled. Her mouth is wide, expressive, usually tilted in a smirk or grin that is almost always a sign of mischief.

Her attire varies, but usually she's seen in either a full dive suit, or typical Islander fare, swimsuit, and wrap dress or sarong, and sometimes stolen shorts and brightly patterned buttonups that look as though they were stolen from a surfer's wardrobe. When her attire allows, she has several tattoos in varying places over her body.


Born in Blackmoon hold to a family of pear divers, Tanit was born to Councilman Tanar and his wife Itani. The only child on an island where obscenely large families were a thing, her childhood was a reasonably happy one, her adolescence was less so. When she came of age by the council standards it was time to journey out into the world.

She found a new home in Half Moon Bay Weyr, took the examinations to join the Dolphin craft where she specialized in diving and salvage. Her life took a turn for the unexpected when she was asked to stand for Ilyscaeth and Xermiloth's clutch at Half Moon Bay. (Ok forcibly thrown over a bronzerider's shoulder) She impressed to Gold Chauth on shiniest sands ever.

When Cita and R'hyn retired as Half Moon's Leadership to be closer to family, she took up the mantle of Senior Weyrwoman of Half Moon with Z'tan and Ysigieuth as Weyrleader, a mantle she wore with pride until volcanic activity forced the residents to abandon the weyr in 2722. Forced to take refuge at Monaco bay Weyr the pair have had a rocky and heartbreaking start, but finally seem to be finding their footing.


Huntress of the Light, Golden Chauth

The gleam of gold and shine of silver mingle to make a glow of white gold that creates the form of this dragon. She holds herself with pride, replete with those secrets unknown to smiths who - though they may create the metallurgical equivalent of her hide - would surely fail to achieve that aura of mystery and wisdom that surrounds her like the wings whose large sweeps are endowed with grace and power. Their hue fades with their extent, the sun's warmth along her body slowly attenuated by the wispy white of gathering clouds. High cheeks and a slender muzzle give a sense of refinement and elegance to her features, a fitting setting for her knowing eyes. Those sparkling facets come with a reminder of darkness, for without it light would not have meaning. Black kohl surrounds them, the markings ragged along their bottom edges as if softened by tears of love and loss that help make her who she is. There is darkness, yet she is a creature of light. The knobs that sweep back from her noble brow are pure white, paler even than the diffuse sunlight of her hide. Her neck sweeps down in a graceful arch that recurves over her back, up from the nadir of her slender shoulders to rise once more along the crouch of hips. The soft brush of a darker shade dapples faded stripes along her upper legs, ripples of coppery patterning whose contours shift with her graceful motion. That same tawny hue adorns the tip of a tail that's shorter than many, for this queen has no desire for her train to trail on the ground in her wake.


Name Relationship Location
Tamar Father Blackmoon Hold
Itani Mother Blackmoon Hold
Veylin Tanit's son by S'van, fostered with her parents. Raised as Tanit's brother, and twin to Vesta.Brother Blackmoon Hold
Vesta Tanit's daughter by S'van, fostered with her parents. Raised as Tanit's sister, and twin to Veylin.Sister Blackmoon Hold

Logs & Extras

Title OOC Date Cast
Loss March 12, 2020 Tanit,Chauth
Crash and Burn: Chauth Rises March 17, 2020 Z'tan,Zychaelth, Tanit
What is and isn't home March 17, 2020 Z'tan,Tanit
Time to Let it Go March 19 2020 Reya, Tanit
Encountering Evi March 19 2020 Evi,Tanit,
Offspring March 20, 2020 Jazhira, Tanit
Beachy Plans! April 2th 2020 Suyi, Tanit
Freefall April 26, 2020 I'aija, Tanit
Unorthodox Maneuvers April 27, 2020 Reya, Tanit
Not Tech, Savy? April 28th, 2020 I'aija, Tanit
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