Tall at just over 6 feet, of fairer - though tanned - complexion, and defined, athletic build, T'ayne comports himself with a certain economical grace and self-conscious ease. Expressive almond-shaped eyes of hazel observe the world from beneath a proud brow, and faintly-waved, light brown hair is held back in a short braid that reaches his upper shoulderblades. Gently-arching brows and long lashes a shade darker than his hair render what might be an almost solemn - if handsome - face a little more accessible. A somewhat-squared jaw and firm chin are natural home to a slightly generous mouth that's often found either pressed into a firm line or quirked into some pensive turn. The young man's body is well-balanced, defined by Turns of honest labor, while care-worn, capable hands are strong, yet sculpted, as are his limbs.
T'ayne wears simple, serviceable clothing in subdued shades of green, brown, and khaki from light-weight, broad-brimmed hat (a gauzy scarf of undyed sisal wound within and around it) when he's out in the sun, through buttoned, v-necked shirt to strong, though light-weight trous…tucked neatly into newer boots of light brown.
About his slender waist is a pair of belts; one to cinch in his pants, the other holding various pouches, along with three sheathed, bone-handled knives…one a thinner, skinning tool, another more dagger-sized, the third quite large and obviously meant for 'business.' At his proud back is sometimes strapped a quiver of tan-fletched arrows, crossed by a strung long bow of skybroom wood. Upon his left shoulder is the knot of a Monacoan, greenriding wingsecond, and Flame Wing's patch can be found on the right shoulder of his riding jacket.


(OOC Note: The details of T'ayne's history are known to -nobody- but himself and Kelmaimenth.)

T'ayne was the firstborn (bastard) child of his then-to-be hold Heir father (of Greyfall hold, inland from Monaco Hold). His mother died at his birth. His father wed just before T'ayne's birth, and the man's wife bore him two legitimate sons, 1 and 2 Turns younger than T'ayne. All three of them are larger than T'ayne.
T'ayne's formative Turns were spent growing up in a very strict household, where his father and brothers rarely ceased to remind him he was illegitimate, and also rarely held back from bullying, harassing, or outright drubbing the young man.
Recently, T'ayne found himself at Monaco Hold, and - through a series of circumstances - then found himself Searched to stand for Ceresth's and Pyrith's double clutches. Upon return to Greyfall to inform his father of his choice to accept Search, he was set upon first by his brothers, and - while he was passively defending himself from their dual assault - accidentally managed to severely wound his 2nd youngest brother…who is now paralyzed from the waist down. His father of course was told of this, and the man not only banished his eldest son from Greyfall, but also outlawed him, as well: if T'ayne was ever found in Greyfall's territory again, his life would be forfeit.
Returning to Monaco Weyr badly beaten and distraught, he somehow managed to hold himself together with the help of a new friend or two made at the Weyr, and wound up Impressing green Kelmaimenth…his new Lady liege/liyo. Right now, he's struggling to adapt to not only his new Weyr life, but also the awesome new responsibility and unknown challenge his lifemate represents.


Rhyan Father holder of Greyfall 40
Valayne Mother (deceased) (deceased)
Caseden Brother former Hold heir 19
Ejric Brother hold heir 18



The Lady of the Weyr Green Kelmaimenth


"(She) was supremely beautiful…when he saw her…her pale head like a blaze of sun in that darkness, her slim form elegant…and bearing the dragon blade with the grace of one who could truly use it, an odd vision came to him: he saw like a fever-dream a nest of corruption with one gliding serpent among the scuttling, lesser creatures — more evil than they, more deadly, and infinitely beautiful, reared up among them and hypnotizing with basilisk eyes, death dreaming death and smiling." - C.J. Cherryh

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