Sex Male
Position Weyrleader
Dragon Bronze Marzoth
Craft Former Harper
Rank Journeyman
Speciality Law
Age 34
Birthplace Fort Hold
Home Monaco Bay Weyr


Sydney is a man in his 30's who carries with him the persistent look of being disheveled. He is tall, certainly over six feet, but what could be considered to be an imposing presence is largely undermined by the attitude that the man puts off. His hair is long, dark, and does not look to be particularly well groomed. His face is round and his nose is fairly pronounced. His eyes are a pleasant shade of blue. He often presents with a fairly glazed expression. When it comes to fitness, one could easily say that Sydney lacks it entirely. He is not obese by any means but there is a certain roundness to the man. As for his clothing he wears a relatively simple white tunic and a black pair of pants with simple black shoes. Clearly he isn't all that big on fashion. Upon his shoulder is the knot of Weyrleader of Monaco Bay.


Sydney grew up in Fort Hold as an only child. His parents were both Harpers and so it was taken as a natural conclusion that Sydney would be one as well. He showed a natural cleverness when it came to the law, but the child was lazy and seemed more content to spend his time in a nature setting. Despite noticing this his parents insisted that he apprentice to the craft anyway and so his journey began. It was a long and rather arduous trek from Apprentice to Journeyman for him. He often was the butt of jokes to the other apprentices and certainly the Masters disapproved of his laziness. And yet when push came to shove he would always have an answer in lessons and was able to pass his tests. He accomplished this by just the raw talent that he possessed and not for any amount of studying he did. After he became a Journeyman he took up his present hobby of drinking. It is rare to find him completely sober. Consequently when he works it's generally hand in hand with a master, who generally takes all the credit for Sydney's work in the end. If this would bother other people it doesn't seem to bother him. In fact nothing really seems to bother him all that much. Since he often has free time in-between jobs you may often see him traveling around Pern. If he is looking for something he has no clue what it might be.


Name Relation Position
Idrissa Former Weyrmate AWLM in Xanadu
Dani Daughter (with Idrissa) Child
E'vyl Cousin Wingrider
Krysa Cousin-in-law Wingrider
Ravysa Niece Child
Kryvel Niece Child

Relationships and Friendships

Name Relation Position
Quinn Non-defined close relationship Wingrider
D'lei Friend Wingrider
Jaya Non-defined close relationship Xanadu Wingrider

Firelizard(s) and Pets

Gold Blossomforth

Pretty, plump and large is this budding queen. A vein of white-gold merges with an alloy of deep gold as it slips down her long, sinuous neck. Her eye ridges and headknobs look painted with vivid mustard orange, that dapples down along her neck and sides looking very much like flower blooms stretching towards the molten sun, causing her to shine without overwhelming the senses. The upper side of her wingsails mingle perfectly with her body, giving the impression that she has no wings when at rest. When opened, a variable rainbow of the five draconic colours blossoms on their underside, merging with the rest of her hide to form an innate sense of grace and beauty.

Brown Uelsig
Ones first glance may merely dismiss this reddish brown shape to be a small boulder laying upon the ground. It won't be until the brown hatchling moves that he reveals himself. Spreading out large wings banded with smooth onyx he demonstrates easily how much of a force to reckon with he will be. Like a boulder or perhaps better to compare to a gemstone unearthed from the ground his coloring is in layers throughout his bulky frame. Dark red blends into brown which fades into black banded chalcedony before again turning into the murky reddish brown shades. Patches of colors through his body to create quite the illusion of a mass of rocks or boulders.

Blue Lepido

Blue-grey slate makes up most of this fellow's body, until he spreads vivid wings. A bright section of clear sky gleams with a silvery sheen just beneath the hide of his sails. The outer rim of his wings could be dipped in indigo ink, contrasting with the bright silvery blue of his mainsail. The same bright color glints from his headknobs and eye ridges, and enhances angular cheekbones. His paws and spaded tail are dark blue as if he was standing in water not long ago.




Siege of Darkness Bronze Marzoth

The last embers of a once great fire enfold this dragon, smoky hues rendering his form a shade of bronze so dark that he could be black. Flecks of dulled copper speckle his neckridges, shading to an eerie green-gold between his shoulders, before being swallowed by the sooty hues that dapple his back. Thin trails of fiery red appear in the right light outlining the lithe musculature of his lengthy form, while obsidian claims his deadly talons and the tip of his whipcord thin tail. His wings lie furled like a charcoal stained cape around him, but when spread reveal golden embers liberally sprinkled across the sails. Hidden beneath the darkness a burning red-gold crescent rests on his underbelly, a hidden ember waiting to reignite the fire within.

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