Gender Female
Current Home Monaco Bay Weyr
Occupation Retired Weyrwoman
Hair Black
Eyes Dark Brown
Played By Park Minyoung


Dark whisps of hair fall in gentle waves around this woman's face, which looks far younger than her turns. Though she's quite older, she doesn't look as if she's older than someone in their mid-20's. Large brown eyes look out from an oval face, slender except a fullness in her cheeks that creates a picture of pure innocence. Innocence that is most certainly a lie. Her nose falls in a smooth straight line, hi-lighting the symmetry to her features. Her eyebrows are smooth, holding almost no arch, and hi-light long lashes. Pale but full lips seem frequently parted in a toothy smile that looks far too sweet given the woman's personality. While her body is not voluptuous by any means, she sports some curves, and thanks to Fuerioth's styling choices they're accented in an appropriate manner. Not too frumpy (not like when she was younger) and not too revealing.


Feyran was born as the seventh child of which there would soon be nine. Her parents were a pair of traders that made jewelry for a living and still somehow found the time to care for their children. With so many siblings and the children of other trainers about, she became a social butterfly of sorts. Of course, when there are so many kids close in age one learns just how to defend one's self as well. Looking at her baby-face, no one would have guessed that she'd start hanging around with the lookouts and guards but with that sweet smile she won their hearts and more than a few fighting lessons.

She soon proved to be an energetic pupil and it wasn't long before she began working as a guard with her caravan. After all, no one suspects a young girl's watching for thieves, right? The caravan stopped near Monaco Bay Weyr and much to her surprise Feyran was Searched. She was a fiend during candidacy and in trouble more often than not, but by some miracle she walked away with her love and lifemate, Fuerioth as well as the name Reya. She didn't prove to be the most mature Junior, or the most dependable, but she DID find a passion for big projects such as the water slide located on Monaco's beach. She also took great pride in her re-design of the Lunar Shoals Pier. In between all of this she found romance with T'revs and the couple were gifted with a daughter, Ravya. Though the pair have separated since then, it's clear they still care for their daughter….though Reya can't be considered a good role model for her!

Reya was content in her generally chaotic ways, but with Aliona's retirement and Fuerioth's spontaneous rise she found herself in the position of Weyrwoman. Is she well equipped? Likely not…but perhaps she's learned something from all these turns of watching. Only time will tell if she runs Monaco into the ground, but surely that won't be the case!


Name Relation Position Age
Ayen Father Trader 38
Frey Mother Trader 37
Brothers and Sisters 8 of them Traders Varying
Ravya Daughter Brat 20 turns younger than Reya


Through the Fire and Flames Gold Fuerioth

Dawn breaks pale over her head in early morning glow to the shimmer of moonlight faded to silvered flickers of forked tail. Lambent, she, with star-bright brilliance masking a face in so white a gold, rays darkening outward to the burnished amber of deep, drizzled honey across headknobs and puddling as pitch between each gilt-tipped 'ridge. Hide flames fire-forged in molten orange descending down lithe neck through whipcord lean musculature of her body despite her size. Her wingsails, they glimmer and sparkle, pale to the point of nearing purest platinum nearest the edges, hungrily licking in embered tongues of tangerine setting spars ablaze. Like her sire, she has hypnotic weaves of amber gold and torchlit bronze that lace through them on the underside while the top - lovely still, aren't as glamorous as the underneath. Blackest night claims each talon, each polished point eclipsed in ebon save for subtle sheen where light dances merry along wicked curve of a hunter's claws.


Gold Snuffy
This hatchling is an interesting one. From the moment she hatched her color has been bright gold, almost glittering with her own inner light. She is a good sized for a little lizard queen, large wings, a long frame and length tail. Sharp onyx talons upon each foot, and offwhite little fangs within her jaws ever looking for something to nip and grab hold of. She will be a problem to anyone that calls her there own for certain. Her headknobs are brushed in a bronze color, small ridges cover her swirling eyes just enough. Wings are tucked neatly at her sides, and the wingsails are bright sunny yellow with rich gold washed down across each one.

Green Glimmer
A veritable enigma brought to life adorned in static make up this living volatile force. Only when olive wings unfurl does this young flit's form becomes apparent, digital patterns of foliage green and desert sand engulf her, making the hatchling shapeless to the untrained eye. Petite yet powerful are muscular hind quarters, dainty forepaws ending with tiny talons sharp as knives and a very long whip of a tail create this lesson in subterfuge. Predatory perfection is brought to life in this young green; should anyone doubt it, a little fang sticking out of the mouth of her little wedged head is all one needs to learn obedience at her demands.


Title OOC Date Cast
Bargaining March 18, 2020 Reya, Z'tan
Time to Let it Go March 19 2020 Reya, Tanit
Dye Job March 20, 2020 Reya, Helmi
Everything's Beachy! March 30, 2020 I'aija, Reya
Unorthodox Maneuvers April 27, 2020 Reya, Tanit


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