R'sian (Formerly Charsian)


Raven strands engulf this young man's head, flowing in soft waves down to the base of his neck where it's cropped enough to not to let the tips brush his shoulders in the slightest. His complexion is quite pale, almost as though the light of day has yet to let him gain color in the slightest beyond the faint golden freckles that float across his thin nose and beneath almond shaped eyes. Behind those long dark lashes are a pair of virescent eyes, drowsy and often half-lidded. Despite his light appearance, the same faint gold seems to have claimed his arms and hands at the very least, proving he isn't a complete recluse. His frame is average in build and his body is muscular from turns of various physical tasks that have come his way.

There is nothing remarkable about this young man's dress. A simple tunic of cream hues held snugly to his chest by a vest of ashen tones covers his muscular form. The sleeves are long, appearing as though they would billow had they not been rolled to the elbows. Raven pants are worn, seeming to blend in with the high boots that reach just below his knees and fastened snugly with thick laces tucked in at the top and covered by a single buckle on each. Aside from the buckles, all garments are free of any designs or distinguising features that would make him stand out above the rest.


There's nothing remarkable about this young man's past, being a cliche to most of the Holds throughout Pern. His father, Lord Holder of High Reaches Hold had a wife yet his eyes did wander and a serving girl managed to take his attentions away for several nights until his wife provided him with something to regain his lost attention: Charsian. He needed a fine lot to choose an heir from and his elder children have proven to be nothing more than trouble. What is it with children and attempted fratricide these days? Ignorance is bliss and their youngest boy grew up alongside his 'lesser' half siblings for turns, taking up his studies without complaint until he was old enough to strike out on his own to get away from his blood. Hold life has it's limits to comfort so he wanders throughout the region surrounding High Reaches to keep his mind and spirit occupied with the world around him. Maybe Lord Hiako will have one child that doesn't take after his wife's cold demeanor and abhorrent vanity. Only time will tell.


Name Relation Location Position
Crevan Brother High Reaches Hold Resident
Caradoc Brother High Reaches Hold Resident
Morrigan Sister High Reaches Hold Resident

Mentioning his parents is just as bad as cursing. ;)


Be a Man! Green Sage

/Looks can be deceiving./ That adage sums up the appearance of this firelizard, for few would think her a green at first glance. Teal is the primary shade of her hide, dark and vibrant with such a perfect balance of green and blue hues as to be impossible to name as either color. Persian and pine greens, shades that are also saturated with blue, are present as highlights and lowlights across her form. Only her structure makes it clear she is female, for she has a finely feminine shape; yet even this is hidden beneath layers of muscle.

Berry Popsicle Blue Berry

This rather slender and stream-lined blue looks like someone stretched the poor creature into whimsical obnoxious lengths. Wingsails and a whip like tail are the worst stricken, exaggerated and awkward but doesn't seem to hinder the tweaked flit one bit. Brilliant shades of berry blue engulf it's little hide from the tip of it's pointy nose to the end of that whip tail. His underside seems to the frosting on the sweet flit, coating his chin and entire underside until it ends in freckles of bright cream half way down to his rump.

Comes with the Darn Bronze Warden

Red-bronze clothes the form of this firelizard, cascading from nose to tailtip with beaten copper undertones emerging here and there. His wings are glazed with that ruddy brilliance, a vaguely birdlike shape traced out across their span before the color fades to a more neutral shade. Across shoulder and chest he bears further markings, one side in red and the other more gold toned, faint twining paths that are impossible to discern against the coppery shades that otherwise cover him. Heavy musculature accents the breadth of his form, creating an appearance of strength and resilience in the stocky bronze.


This is the Part Where You Run Green Tzombeth

Slim and delicate is the perfect way to describe this pale beauty. Light olive is cast in rich splendor about her length, while strong, delicate muscles are painted a deeper olive which stands in stark contrast against her pale hide. Her bright whirling eyes are encased in a deep forest-green, causing her to look eternally as if she doesn't quite get enough sleep. Dark ichor-green can be found pooling along the back of her neck, seeping down her ridged neck and dripping down her sides as if she were bleeding from some unseen wound. Dull, unsaturated gray flickers across her body, giving her the appearance of freckles of dead skin where the ichor-green droplets can be found. Pale olive turns into chartreuse along the spars of her her wings and her wings are colored in pistachio so pale that it appears to be translucent, and in the right sort of light, it appears to have holes passing through.

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