A pretty young woman, with long black hair and grayish-brown eyes. Her figure is the sort described as willowy, and she's just a little shorter than average. She wears an light green skirt that goes to just past the knees and swirls as she moves, and a white blouse embroidered with red and yellow thread to make stylized bursts of dragon-fire.


Najara is the daughter of a (very) minor Holder in Nerat. Crossvine Hold was barely more than a cothold, but her father had aspirations. She had an uneventful childhood, learning the womanly arts along with her sisters - one elder, two younger. Her father mostly ignored her in favor of his son, once that boy was finally born, but her mother took care to raise all the girls to be suitable wives.
Of course, being suitable wives involved finding suitable husbands (that is, ones that increased the prominence of Crossvine!), and as the girls grew, her father began to take an interest again in that search.
Najara had other ideas; for one day as she was doing her embroidery out in the gardens, she met with a woodcraft apprentice named Meril. It was love at first sight.
Young love does desperate things; the two snuck their way onto a ship headed for the southern continent, and arrived at Monaco Bay Hold with not much more than the clothes on their backs and the warmth of their love.
Sadly, that warmth didn't get to last for long. One day, Meril departed for the forest for his job, and failed to return. The search began that night. Two days later, his body was found at the base of a cliff. The cause of death was clear enough: he fell. The reasons for that… well, the searchers blamed carelessness, but Najara wasn't so sure.
Whatever the reason, she found herself alone, working to support herself however she could - odd jobs, mostly, and dipping into their meagre savings when that wasn't enough.
One way or the other, though, she was determined to make it work. The alternative was to return to Crossvine Hold in disgrace. When a rider from Eastern Weyr offered her a candidate's knot, that seemed like a chance worth taking…


Name Relation Position Age


Brown Allium


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