Dark chestnut hair rests just below the young woman's chin, softening the sharp lines of her jaw. Curly hair is streaked liberally with highlights of mild cinnamon that mingle with contrasting darker strands of rich klah brown. Beneath this less than tidy mop of curls rests her long, thin face, dominated by a pair of large expressive dark eyes. Dark brown, nearly black in color, with small flecks of amber, her eyes possess a depth and warmth to them. A pert nose and a pair of thin lips finish off her face. The rider stands of modest height, perhaps a smidgen taller than the norm, and is slender with subtle curves of the waist and a modest chest, her figure being more athletic and boyish than womanly. Her skin is a dark tan with a few odd freckles scattered about.


Before she was Eastern's Weyrwoman, she was known as Rumianyi of Balen Hold, the sixth of nine children. As she got older she started to look for other opportunities, and took the chance to travel to the southern continent where she ended up working in the stables of Eastern Weyr. Not long thereafter she was searched for Fenillanth's clutch and Impressed Pagnisath. The rest is, as they say, history, but here are some of the salient points:

Shortly after graduation from weyrlinghood, she and L'ae became weyrmates and were generally a source of nauseating behavior for a while, as new couples tend to be. But of course life in a weyr is never idyllic for too long, and things soon began to change for Mianyi. She had a child with L'ae and then an affair with Es'nak that ruined her relationship with L'ae. Not long after the two broke up, Natane stepped down leaving Mianyi and Es'nak as the Weyrwoman and Weyrleader of Eastern. But relations between the pair soon soured, and it was D'gan's bronze Tauth that caught Pagnisath at her next flight.

But ever since bronze Osraebukath of Fort caught Pagnisath, Hil has been the weyrleader and things have been mostly calm. Mianyi and L'ae even reconciled and are once more sappy lovers.

Name Relation Age Position
L'ae weyrmate same Wingrider
Seian son Mia -23T
Esnian son Mia -27T

Gold Pagnisath

A coat of rich sunflower covers the hide of this small gold. Whirling eyes are set in her face, wider than they ought to be, giving her a certain air of curiosity. Her headknobs darken to goldenrod, paling as the line of her neck extends to the rest of her body. The dragon's midsection is slightly plump, blanketed by a thin layer of baby fat. Trailing up her wings, the color of the 'sails become even brighter turning into a pastel with tips dipped in the same darkened hue that appears on her headknobs. Her coloring varies on her underside, paling to the lightest of yellows with the metallic sheen nearly invisible. Legs are colored with goldenrod, mirroring the hue of her 'spars. Sharp, ashen-colored claws can be seen, curling to the ground. Her body tapers as it reaches her tail, which matches the same bright hue of her midsection. There's a small kink at the end of her tail, which points towards the left.

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