Sex Female
Craft Starcraft
Rank Sr. Apprentice
Specialty Meteorology
Birthplace Landing


Well into her teens, Lilyera has already reached a height of five feet, seven inches, and is not terribly likely to reach any others, especially as her build is already so slight as to risk frailty, or the appearance of her thick brown hair being so heavy as to weigh down her head! No wonder she keeps it cut no longer than waving a few inches below her collarbones. It's not a very dark brown, but it's dark enough to contrast sharply with the paleness of her skin (albeit touched, here and there, with the occasional small, dark mole — nowhere in such profusion as to risk comparison to any of the constellations). Her eyes, too, are pale: a greyish blue, wide-set around a slight, straight nose. A pink cupid's-bow mouth almost succeeds in hiding the tiny dimple just above a chin capable of jutting proudly at the center of a strong jaw. Sometimes, of course, her face seems to have grown an extra mole or three, but that's probably just a bit of ink — her hands far more frequently sport inkstains, from habitual fidgeting with a pen that would probably leak less if more often left alone.

She is wearing a pale blue tunic to make her eyes less grey, above loose and flowing khaki-color trousers. (Mostly khaki-color, anyway; possibly a few spots of black, here and there, from her pen.) Today's favorite earrings are a slightly bolder blue-enameled metal hoops, but between them, her eyes, and her tunic, that just means she's managed to match all the colors in her blue-ombre-zigzagging-strap sandals.

RP Hooks / Common Knowledge

  • Lily, born Lilyera, is a Senior Apprentice in the starcraft; she studies meteorology.
  • She was bereft during candidacy that she didn't have access to a laptop, which has extended into weyrlinghood — now she also has a dragon who is going to find out and be bereft about not having a laptop.
  • She Impressed the dangerously dapper blue Yaszaelgith from Kiyaszaeth and Elsvruth's second clutch. Her lifemate is extremely fastidious and neat, which makes him a difficult weyrling.


Dangerously Dapper Blue Yaszaelgith

This diminutive blue isn't so much draped in Prussian blue as he is clad in it; the rich, dark cyan-blue cleaves to his lean and lithe form like a perfectly-fitted suit. His nose is a straight, noble thing - just ignore that it's a little too long for his handsome face and that there's a peculiar shadow of deeper blue that spreads under his nose and along his upper lip like a mustache. Jeweled eyes glitter - sly and secretive - beneath finely sculpted eyeridges, while his headknobs and neckridges are rakishly - nay, stylishly - slicked back. He carries himself like a distinguished gentleman, from the tip of that too-long nose, through his elegantly lengthy digits, and the casual sweep of his perfectly proportioned, if problematically prehensile, tail. His wings break the dark illusion of a singularly shadowy-blue figure; muted teal vapors haze over those 'sails. Drips and drops of aqua and turquoise are vexingly spattered on those wingsails, toxic and intoxicating in their splendor.


Name Relation Position Location
Dzera Mother Healer Master Landing
L'yen Father Rider of Green Ihsayith Fort Weyr
Zeryei Brother (+ 5) Smith Journeyman Telgar Weyr
Dazirya Sister (- 16) Baby Landing


American Crow Blue Corvus
This large blue fellow might appear black to many eyes from afar, so dark is he in coloration from nose through wings to tailtips… a seemingly unending shadow of night. It is only when the light touches brightly upon him, or when he cants his form in certain directions that a more subtle and surprising play of tones show. Almost irridescent deep blues, lovely indigos, and hints of deepest green flash and shine throughout his dusky form, lending this strong lad a host of sophistication.

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