Before you is a young man in his late twenties, tall of frame with that hint of dragonrider musculature beneath flight-weathered dark skin. He's not buff but one can tell he works out enough to keep his body lean and fit like a dancer's. Hair of ebon is kept short and spiky atop his head, the tips frosted a flame-orange colour. Striking eyes of silver-blue are almond-shaped and quite exotic looking with long dark lashes. The man moves with a grace that is telling of his turns of riding his great beast as well as the turns of swordfighting that he has performed.
Upon chiseled body is worn a tight white shirt, the sleeves of which have been cut off, it hugs to his body like a second skin. From beneath shirt and curling about left bicep can be seen what appears to be the tail end of a dragon tattoo in deep sepia tones. Upon long strong legs are worn pants of a black hue which seem to accentuate just the right spots. Around his waist is strapped a longsword, clean and glimmering in its silvery sheen. The sword is tucked into a brown leather sheath, the carved handle kept within easy reach of the man's hand. Sometimes the man also carries a quiver of arrows and a longbow strapped to his back. In chilly weather or when tending to duties, the white sleeveless shirt is covered with a deep blue flight jacket with silver accents and gleaming silver buttons. The ensemble is finished off by a pair of sturdy black boots with padded bottoms to minimize sound as the man walks.


Jeralyn and his twin brother Lealyn were born one stormy night at Eastern weyr to Leah and J'em. The pair of boys were very well loved and cared for by both mother and father, some would even say doted on. They were good babies for their parents, always happy and cooing all curled up together. Being identical twins made childhood fun, at least for them, pulling pranks and switching places whenever they could get away with it. The boys were close, often sharing the same friends and even many of the same hobbies, which mostly consisted of causing little bits of mischief. It was only when teenagerdom did strike that the boys started to drift apart. Jeralyn became more the alpha, Lealyn the follower. While Lealtn started to take interest in the arts, his brother Jeralyn started watching the guards and training under his father to be a guard for the weyr. The boy soon was accepted into the guard ranks, and taught how to handle a sword and bow by his sire. He was settling in quite well with the guards by the time he was in his late teens.
That was all changed for Jeralyn when his own mother's dragon decided he should stand for Svetlanath and Imaonth's hardening clutch. Then he found himself a candidate, doing chores and getting antsy about the group of eggs that may or may not contain his lifemate, though he did manage to keep up with his guard training whenever possible. By now his father had left the weyr for reasons unknown but the boy was well on his way to taking on more of his father's quirks, he was strong and always ready to protect his weyr, but he still had that streak of hot bloodedness that the one-eyed bronzerider had passed down to him. Finally hatching day came and the boy found himself on the sands with all the other candidates waiting to see if his lifemate was indeed in one of the eggs as Hollanth had told him. It was one of the first hatchlings that tumbled out, a deep dark bronze with glistening egg-wet hide that caught the lad's breath in his throat. This dark bronze would soon turn out to be the one for him, eyes met and impression was made, his father would be so proud if he had been there. Weyrling wasn't too terrible, Jeralyn, now J'yn managed to stay out of trouble for the most part, despite his lifemate's efforts to sway him otherwise. See, Orionth was a bit of a troublemaker himself, but not because he was always getting into fights or slacking on duties, it was the females that got the poor bronze in trouble even at a young age. Orionth just couldn't resist the bribes of a cute female, whether it be dragon or human, it was the poor creature's achilles heel so to speak. Graduation couldn't come too soon for the bronzepair and when it finally did come it was a night to remember: Alcohol, partying and girls, so many girls.
The day after graduation was a doozy, tapped into the policing wing at graduation, J'yn had to go through the first day of duties with a monster of a hangover, swearing he'd never party and drink that much ever again. Life went on normally for a weyr, he was kept busy with wing duties and the occasional arrest of some lowlife or other, not to mention flights which Orionth just could not ever seem to pass up. The bronzerider was busy, no doubt, working himself ragged. Unfortunately working himself ragged wasn't the best thing for a rider to do as it made him and his lifemate reckless at times. That recklessness would get him into trouble time and again, the worse of which were when his bronze was distracted by those lovely glowing greens that are so prevalent in a weyr. Policing and being distracted do not mix and Orionth managed to snag his wing rather badly when he misjudged a landing amidst a group of trees where there was a band of renegades attacking a wagon. Even though the bronze's wing was badly hurt, Orionth still managed to land his rider safely to take care of the group. But as many know, when a dragon is hurting, so is his rider, and Orionth's pain affected J'yn, he couldn't fight off the attackers, they managed to incpacitate the rider and get away with the stolen wagon, both rider and trader pair left for dead. Luckily Orionth had managed to get an alarm out and soon other members of the wing came to th group's aide, hauling both bronze and rider back to the weyr where it was thought that the poor bronze would need a very lengthy recovery, so Orionth and J'yn were transferred to Ierne for some badly needed rahabilitation.


Name Relation Location Position Dragon
Leah Mother Eastern Weyr Rider Green Hollanth
J'em Father Eastern Weyr Weyrleader Bronze Fenrith
L'yn(Lealyn) Twin Brother Harper Hall Harper Brown
Ur'yu(Urihyu) Older Half-Brother Eastern Weyr Wingrider Green Kojakuth
Jeriah Older Half-Sister Unknown Goldrider Gold Teloriith
Deremy(Deceased) Uncle Pern's Version of Hell Renegade Leader None
Jeniosa Cousin Eastern Weyr Jman Beastcraft None
Bariah Neice(Jeriah) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Jershyn Nephew(Jeriah) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Eldiao Nephew(Deremy's Grandson) Eastern Weyr Weyrbrat None


Brown Chunk
Bronze Lethal


Bronze Orionth

This large bronze dragon is a deep, almost black, colour in the shadows but get him in the sunlight and he'll prove he's a bronze as his hide glimmers with a healthy orangey bronze. Even in shadow, though, the bronze is speckled with pale silvery-white spots which shimmer like stars in the night sky. This creature seems to be of two sides, in the shadow he's a star-flecked sky but in the sunlight he glimmers like a firey sun shining down upon the world. His form is large but slender, hinting to speed and maneuverability while whiplike tail slashes through the air like a sharp knife. Headknobs and eyeridges are speckled an almost grayish bronze, washing over like a galaxies swilring about them. His large wings, though marred by various pale scars, still show signs of a glorious strength which will come in handy whilst flying. Legs, the scrawniest part of the beast, are a bit thin for his size and colour, but they've never failed him yet, besides, who needs to walk when you can fly. Those dark legs are tipped with gleamingly white talons, sharp and long.
Orionth is equipped with a set of flight straps of a black or dark gray shade. They blend nicely into his hide, nothing but the glimmering silver buckles really sticking out. The straps have been padded so as not to mar his lovely black-bronze hide. attached to the straps are a couple of saddlebags and what looks like a strap for hanging some sort of weapon.
Orionth is 10 Turns, 9 months, and 25 days, with a length of 39.18 meters, and a wingspan of 65.30 meters.

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