J'em, The Insane Weyrleader


Before you is an older man, rather tall and thin. His white-blonde hair now has silver streaks in it but is still kept long and straight, the bangs falling over his silvery-blue right eye. The left, as many know, is scarred and covered with an eyepatch. The man keeps himself fit even as he ages. Scars mar most of his visible body from face to neck to hands.
Upon his body is a pristine white uniform of tunic and long pants. A suede jacket of the same white is often seen upon the man's thin frame as well with the badges of Eastern Weyr and the Terra Wing. Pants are tucked into black boots, shined to perfection(or as close as they can be). The whole uniform has accents of gold piping and buttons, also polished to a beautiful shine. The man is often times seen leaning upon an intricately carved walking stick of deep mahogany, the handle a mimicry of a bronze dragon's head much like his lifemate, Fenrith's. Strapped to his left side is a polished silver sword, sharp bladed with a snake's head for it's handle. Upon the man's shoulder is the knot of Weyrleader in Eastern Weyr's colours with a strand of bronze shot through.


**Much of J'em's history was lost when I had to stop playing for awhile. **

He was born a renegade into the Black Rock clan and was just called The Snake, had a twin brother named Deremy. They were both trained in blade combat, of which J'em is quite skilled at if I do say so myself. He used to be the evil leader of the Black Rock Renegade Clan until he was searched into Eastern Weyr where he impressed Fenrith the wolfen bronze on his 19th turnday after being rather torn up by some of the other hatchlings of that hatching. Went through weyrling training like any typical dragonrider and graduated into the wings. He has been a Weyrleader(Eastern and High Reaches), Weyrsecond, Wingleader, and Weyrlingmaster with Fenrith, all at Eastern also I believe. His first weyrmate was Enriah and green Zillahth, but she left him when Fenrith caught Arolaeth and he became Eastern's Weyrleader. He was then weyrmated to, erm, Leah I believe many turns after losing Enriah. After he and Leah grew apart or something, he befriended Faye and eventually(after many many turns of bugging her) he and Faye were weyrmated. Faye was his last and most recent weyrmate. He has lots of kids whose names I have to track down because the only ones I can remember the names of are Jeriah(Enriah and J'em's daughter) and Ur'yu(Metria and J'em's son). Oh yeah, forgot to mention J'em killed his twin brother Deremy in a raid on the Black Rock camp and was hunted down by Veski for a really long time. And he's well-known around the renegade camp or was in his earlier turns and hated by many of them.
J'em returned to Eastern Weyr after a long term of absence wherein he lived without being knotted to any weyr, travelling from place to place and staying out of sight as much as he could until the renegade heat on him burned out. Fenrith sired a few clutches during this time, including one where he caught Telgar's gold Aenoeth which resulted in the conception of his son Ur'yu. Metria, Aenoeth's rider, never told him about his son and J'em didn't really meet Ur'yu until one fateful night when J'em was at Ierne when Ur'yu's green Kojakuth went up for a mating flight and Fenrith refused to chase due to the fact that the dragons seemed to know that J'em and Ur'yu were blood. After the two men found out about eachother, they spent a lot of time getting to know one another, which resulted in Ur'yu moving to eastern Weyr. J'em is currently Weyrleader of Eastern Weyr at the age of 66 turns after Fenrith caught Arolaeth in an unexpected flight which made Syra the Senior Weyrwoman of Eastern and J'em the Weyrleader even though they are both kinda old.


Name Relation Position Age
Daria Mother Black Rock Slave Deceased
'The Original Snake' Father Black Rock Renegade Leader Deceased
Deremy Brother(Twin) Black Rock Leader Deceased(Killed by J'em)
Jeriah Daughter Rider to Gold Teloriith(ISW)
Ur'yu Son Rider to Green Kojakuth(EAW) 35 turns younger than J'em
J'yn Son Rider to Bronze Orionth(IEW) 28 turns younger than J'em
L'yn Son Bluerider 28 turns younger than J'em
Eldiao Adopted Grandson Weyrbrat(EAW) 56 turns younger than J'em

J'em has plenty of other family whose names I have forgotton and/or misplaced. He has a very big family.


~~Brown Chiastolite~~
Before you stands a fairly average sized light brown firelizard, nicely proportioned and sleek. The main colour of this fireliard is obviously golden brown fro nosetip to tailtip ad everywhere in between. But before you call his colouration boring, look closer. Darker almost black browns mark his back in a cross pattern, one stripe reaching from headknobs to tailtip while the other crisscrosses it in the middle of his back travelling from one delicate wing to the other. The pattern is nearly a perfect cross upon his back. Each wing is thin and golden brown though the golden turns to a near black as it stretches over each fingerbone. Likewise near-black bathes his feet in constant shadow, tipped with ever sharp ebon talons. The brown's muzzle and nose, as well, are that self same near black brown as is the very tip of his tail.
Upon one of Chiastolite's hindlegs is a band of midnight blue, silver, black, and golden yellow which deems him as belonging to someone at Eastern Weyr and of the Beastcraft.
Chiastolite is 2 Turns, 12 months, and 10 days old and is 52 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 83 cm.

Egg Name:
Waste Not, Want Not Egg

Egg Description:
Almost perfectly rotund, this goldenrod egg is riddled with crags and crevices of corbeau, the sickening gray-green clashing with the miasmic yellow. The surface is rough and dry to the touch, like its been left to bake in the sun too long, but still bears a lingering odor of digested decay.

Green Queen

Brown Weylin

~~Gold Majesty~~ (Ghost/Old)

~~Bronze Earnhardt~~ (Ghost/Old)

~~Brown Goliath~~ (Ghost/Old)

~~Blue Aaaargh~~ (Ghost/Old)

~~Green Oddity~~ (Ghost/Old)

J'em has also had other firelizards but I fail to remember their names.


Misty Midnight Bronze Fenrith

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