I'aija (Isaija)
Sex Male
Position Weyrleader
Wing Terra / Deluge
Dragon Bronze Elsvruth
Birthplace Monaco Bay Weyr
Home Monaco Bay Weyr


He's a tall drink of water, topping out at just a little over six feet and with an athletic build that speaks of a man that cares very, very much about his capabilities. His hair is a rich chestnut hue, longer on top and shorter on the sides; it's the kind of hair that's just long enough to slick back or fall into bangs, but not so long that it gets in the way all the time. His eyes are hazel-adjacent; mostly green, but prone to picking up amber hues from time to time. But where his eyes are merely interesting, his features are eye-catching for their striking severity. His cheek bones are high, his cheeks slightly hollowed; his chin is strong and his jaw is squared. His nose is noble, well-matched to the intense sweep of his eyebrows and the naturally narrowed set of his eyes. Occasionally, a ghost of stubble will grace his visage, lingering a time before he shaves it.

His shoulders are broad and his bearing is remarkably graceful considering his height. Overall, he's strong, but sleek; nimble, more than a powerhouse. His hands are marked with hints of his profession, but his arms bear the brunt of burns past, with plenty of incidents involving baking trays and skillets and splattered grease writ large on his skin.

His clothing is pragmatic, but stylish: typically trousers and linen shirts - opened at the throat, of course, unless he's at work. Sleeves are typically rolled up to above the elbow. An apron is worn when he's working, pockets filled with necessary oddities and, occasionally, sweets to dispense.


His history is every flavor of bland - which is probably why he became a cook, honestly. Have to get some spice in his life somehow!

His parents had him in their early twenties; they were both posted to Monaco Bay Weyr and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Both of them were Harpers, his mother an archivist/scribe and his father a lawyer. They had no other children and he was reared with the other children in the creche.

While his parents pursued their careers, he soon began to pursue his passion of cooking; as soon as he was able, he asked to assist in the kitchens and took quickly to it. While he turned out to have a fair hand at baking, it's cooking that truly fuels him, and to share that love of food with others is a dream.

[OOC Date: 02.23.2020] - Somehow, Elsvruth managed to catch Kiyaszaeth.
[OOC Date: 02.26.2020] - The lovely Reya gives him the Wingleader's knot for Deluge. Elsvruth is satisfied.
[OOC Date: 03.09.2020] - Kiyaszaeth clutches seven eggs and Elsvruth could not be more cryptic and weird about it.
[OOC Date: 03.21.2020] - Elsvruth chases Seyunestudath. She has the good sense to be caught by someone else.
[OOC Date: 04.06.2020] - Kiyaszaeth and Elsvruth's clutch hatches. The Quarantini babies are all healthy and intoxicating.
[OOC Date: Unknown] - Somehow ends up the weyrmate of Wendyn (!!) AND the proud papa of a baby boy named Iawyn (!!)
[OOC Date: 07.03.2020] - Elsvruth chases Kiyaszaeth. Inexplicably, he wins a second time.
[OOC Date: 07.20.2020] - Kiyaszaeth clutches eight eggs and Elsvruth is cryptic and weird about it. Again.
[OOC Date: 07.22.2020] - He and Elsvruth Search Bellamy and Lilyera at the same time. Els could not be more smug.
[OOC Date: 07.23.2020] - He and Elsvruth Search Tykel. This bodes not well.
[OOC Date: 08.23.2020] - Kiyaszaeth and Elsvruth's clutch hatches amid pollen and plantstuff. The '80s babies are all healthy and headstrong.
[OOC Date: 08.27.2020] - Elsvruth gets a wild hair up his tailforks and chases Fuerioth. In what must be a glitch in the game, he actually catches. I'aija becomes Weyrleader. Woe be unto the Weyr.
[OOC Date: 09.27.2020] - Fuerioth clutches 7 eggs. Elsvruth questions the parentage of them. « Those colors aren't… natural. What does it mean? »
[OOC Date: 10.06.2020] - Fuerioth and Elsvruth's eggs hatch. The Sweeties are doing just fine.
[OOC Date: 11.19.2020] - Once again, Elsvruth catches Kiyaszaeth, but the stakes are higher than last time: Wendyn is confirmed as Senior Weyrwoman and I'aija is Weyrleader once more.


Name Relation Position Location
Siija Mother Sr. J'man Harper Monaco Bay Weyr
Aisaji Father Sr. J'man Harper Monaco Bay Weyr
Wendyn Weyrmate Sr. Weyrwoman Monaco Bay Weyr
Iawyn Son Toddler Monaco Bay Weyr


Tiny Dancer Green Sweet Pea

Wreathed in gentle, satiny swirls and ripples of Spring's blooming grasses and Summer's rich verdancy, this green lady is the breath of life given form and motion. Her natural colors flow and ebb with easy grace and the passing of light over her elegant body, every curve and line exactly as it should be to make of her living perfection. She manages to surpass herself when in motion, even the smallest shift of golden claws or blink of 'lids a pure and lovely virtuoso of movement. But when she takes to the air, ah, this elegant, dainty lady of the earth truly finds her home: a dream of poetry set to dance, a sylph made of air, grace, and rare beauty.

Diamond Lace Egg

This ovoid must be something out of a gemologist's dream, for it appears to be composed of a shroud of pristine white lace set with multitudes of tiny, faceted white diamonds. The shell fairly glitters in any kind of glow, its adamantine-like surface glinting, shifting with spills of rainbow colors when the light is just right. Perhaps it once was some ancient bride's heavenly veil of stars, brought to Pern for this special occasion.

Dam: Gold Auraura
Sire: Bronze Mikhayl
Size: 43"
Credits: This diamondine egg and equinox green were lovingly handcrafted by Kaitlyn. I hope you enjoy her as much as I did making her!

Friendly Neighborhood Grillmaster Bronze Li'l Sizzler

Cute is a subjective word, but most people would probably agree it fits this bronze, for he is a ball of pudge, though the majority of it seems to have gathered at his belly - a belly crossed by slightly darker lines, all lined up like perfect char marks. An awkward cap of copper-red is settled upon head knobs and eye ridges, a crooked line across his bronze face, somehow avoiding the ridges along his back, leaving them instead a dark bronze that nears black in places, similar to the dark hues of his wingspars.

Kiss The Chef Egg

Garnet and umber mingle and mix, creating a glazed coating that drips slowly down the shell of this firelizard egg. It glistens slightly, giving the impression of moist stickiness that threatens to capture and hold the fingers of anyone unwary enough to touch - even though even a simple brush of a fingertip will show this egg to be as dry and smooth as any other.

Dam: Green Surprise
Sire: Bronze Shocker
Size: 60"
Credits: Jazhira

A Recipe For a Gold Cornbread

Flour swirls, speckles of white against the crispy cornmeal-hued hide of this muffinesque firelizard. Ecru and ivory spread, a dusting of baking powder, a splash of milk across an egg-yolk yellow belly just begging for a coating of oil. Richly golden, perfectly baked, this girl is anything but little, curved in all the right places - particularly where it matters most, right on her sugar-sweet ass. Not all of her is saccharine though, there's a hint of salt in that glittering gaze, a tart, tangy bite that threatens to unleash at even the slightest mix up.

Green and Blue Splotched Egg

It's a firelizard egg with green and blue splotches. Are you expecting a painting?

Dam: Gold Fine
Sire: Bronze Shocker
Size: 63"
Credits: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/17891/golden-sweet-cornbread/

Acquainted With The Devil Bronze Elsvruth

Dante's dreams dance in dark peril across the wide sprawl of this fine-lined gunslinger, painting obscenities in bombastic bronze and pouring champagne highlights across his hide of antiqued shadow and burnished embellishment. Those few, incongruous bubbles of bold brightness curve the high arch of his lean neck and fall with sham pain to his underbelly: mottled and irregular, they paint his tender flanks with an appaloosa's spots, hidden except in movement and flight. His build stretches, rangy, from long-shanked legs to forward-sweeping wings, but there is no sense of gangle about him. This sinner's saved from such ignominy: the devil's in the details, and he's left a lanky demon suffused in that all-encompassing darkness. Hell's black rage claims the map of his fine-accoutred hide and fills the narrow space of his sails: bright only with metallic glitter, it shines as a night sky seen through smog.

Flight Records

Date Dragon Location Win/Loss Log(s) Clutch
02.23.2020 gold Kiyaszaeth Monaco Bay Weyr Win Log NPC
03.21.2020 gold Seyunestudath Monaco Bay Weyr Loss N/A N/A
07.03.2020 gold Kiyaszaeth Monaco Bay Weyr Win N/A PC
08.27.2020 gold Fuerioth Monaco Bay Weyr Win N/A NPC
11.19.2020 gold Kiyaszaeth Monaco Bay Weyr Win N/A NPC


Clutch PC/NPC Gold Bronze Brown Blue Green Total
1 NPC 0 1 2 1 3 7
2 PC 0 2 2 2 2 8
3 NPC 0 1 2 2 2 7
Totals 0 4 6 5 7 22


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