Senior Weyrwoman Fi, Servant to Gold Tzavayth
Sex Female
Position Senior Weyrwoman
Dragon Tzavayth
Craft Tech Craft
Rank Journeyman
Speciality Maintenance
Age 28
Birthplace Landing
Home Eastern Weyr


Fiona is lanky, if not especially tall. Her face is round and boyish with non-descript blue eyes and jaw-length brown hair that hangs a little into her face on either side. There's no especially effeminate about her form. Her jaw is a bit squarer than average and she lacks curves of all sorts. She has no great mass of muscle or form, in many ways she's the typical geek. Skinny and physically weak, but she carries herself with a strength of pupose that shows she's no push over.

Fi wears the tight, one-piece uniform of blue-grey that denotes a member of Chaos wing. It has black piping along the seams and the Weyr's patch on the left breast. Black boots and a weyrling's knot fill out the ensemble.

Blue and silver twine in a simple single-looped tailless knot, that of a Junior Weyrling. A single, thinner strand of pale, tarnished golden-yellow indicates her as a goldrider.


Fiona was born to a married pair of computer crafter journeymen. By the time she was old enough to travel easily with them, she did, spending, as they did, a few turns in a Hold here or a Weyr there, growing up in many places, really. At 13 she moved to Landing and apprenticed to the Tech Craft Hall where she studied diligently. Senior Apprenticeship came more quickly to her than to most, but the tech craft isn't an easy road. Her journey towards a journeyman's knot has been a long one, including several postings around Pern for more hands-on maintenance experience.


Name Relation Position Location Age
Oberon Father Computer Crafter Journeyman Igen Hold +33
Kristeen Mother Computer Crafter Senior Journeyman Igen Hold +31
F'ndo Brother Rider to Bronze Trelith Eastern Weyr + 11
Diedre Sister Junior Lecturer at the University Landing +6
Julian Brother Journeyman Smithcrafter Ista Hold +4
Kayla Sister Troublemaker on the Run Eastern Weyr -3.5.19
Ziroda Niece (F'ndo) Weyrbrat Eastern Weyr -4
F'xan Nephew Rider to Am I the Good Brother or the Bad Brother Bronze Ryaromth Eastern Weyr -10
Eobella Niece Weyrbrat Eastern Weyr - 9.10.19
Findieu Nephew Weyrbrat Eastern Weyr -16

And many more


The One-Eyed Bronze Odin
Obsidian wars with brighter copper shades across this little fellow's hide, creating the mottled, crackled impression of over-heated glass. The darker near-black is glossy and prominent, interlaced with bright, crackled cobwebs of bright copper. His whole frame ripples with strength, well formed and strong. But he must have had an accident at hatching because his right eye is missing. A deep gash crosses the hole where it should be laterally, carefully sewn shut to prevent infection. The rest of him, though, glows with perfection from his lashing tail to his bright wingsails. Bright is really the best descriptor. Both wingsails are bathed in deep crimson on the underside, marred only by tiny variations of red and orange while the outer side is pure black interlaced with the pale grey of smoke.

Sire: Bronze Consequence
Dam: Gold Hinae
Hatch Date: 3 February 2011
Final Length: 60

Tricksy God of Fire Brown Loki

Sire: Bronze Rin
Dam: Gold Lucy
Hatch Date: 3 May 2011
Final Length: 52

Blue Anubis

Sire: Brown Vorin
Dam: Green Arialoke
Hatch Date: 15 February 2011
Final Length: 49

Green Ma'at

Sire: Brown Vorin
Dam: Green Arialoke
Hatch Date: 15 February 2011
Final Length: 41


Antique Seductress Gold Tzavayth

Flowing lines and dangerous curves define an outline that screams of native self-confidence coupled with a regal arrogance. Gold, yes, but tarnished: a dark patina mottles what might once have been a perfect, mid-toned lustre. It is heaviest over her wings, broad sails elegantly cut, translucent enough to show the fine tracery of veins covered by darkly smoked amber. The shadowed-gold mottling, like fine lacework or sea-foam atop a wave, flows heaviest down her shoulders in impossibly intricate knots of tarnish, twining down the well-fleshed curve of her back to bracket wide, powerful hips. Bands of brightest, purest gold occasionally shine through, as though someone had taken a cursory effort to polish her up: streaks emphasize the sleek curves of her flanks, the baby-roundness of her belly, and the long, elegant line of her neck ridges. Though her forepaws remain dark, tipped with onyx talons, the graceful swoop of her tail and tips of her toes are palest yet, shading near to white-gold at the fork. That same white-gold is echoed on swooped-back headknobs, from which it seems to pour down the center of her face to culminate on a muzzle forever bleached pale.


Title OOC Date Cast
A Quick Klah 16 June 2013 Fi, K'saw, Yeralla
Beach Babies! 18 June 2013 Fi, Mahlia, Miyan, Narolor, S'rok
Good With a Light Marinade (K'saw is Promoted) 20 June 2013 Fi, K'saw
Private or Private-er? (Miyan is Promoted) 20 June 2013 Fi, Miyan
2013-09-22: Tzavayth and Vrath's Eggs Hatch (23rd PC Clutch) 22 September 2013 Airen (A'ren), Chisri (Chi), Fi, Jannen, Kayla, Trevares (T'revs), Vanessa, Zaala, Zahleizjah
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