Sex Female
Position Entertainer
Dragon None
Craft Harper
Rank Journeyman
Speciality Singing/Dancing/Performing
Age 20
Birthplace Monaco Bay Weyr
Home Monaco Bay Weyr


Tall, slim and athletic, Briari is the striking image of her mother, Saisri. A mop of lightly curled blonde hair trails down to her shoulders to flatter her face. Blue eyes peer out from behind the veil of blonde bangs that drip into her face. She has a sprinter's body, one built with toned legs and arms which has seen quite a fair share of physical activity or labor.

The young woman tends to wear sundresses and light weighted tunics to match her lifestyle in Monaco Bay where the temperatures are quite a bit higher. For everyday travel she will wear sandals, for more long term movement she would wear boots for her pant legs to be tucked into. She is a fan of bright and shiny jewelry made of glass and other pieces of metal and wears earrings and bangles about her wrists of different colors.

Currently she has a simple white knot displaying her rank as a candidate.y sundresses with long flattering pants beneath. Bangles adorn her wrists, as well as a number of shiny looped earrings.


Briari is the second child of Saisri, junior at Monaco Bay and rider of gold Avarinth and B'rm, rider at Monaco Bay and rider of bronze Treasath. She and her older brother lived quite a privileged life growing up together in their Weyr along the beach. Just like her brother, she took after her father in the way of athletics and having an adventurous spirit. She excelled in sports, dancing, singing and other various athletics. It drove her mother up the wall and made her father proud. The talk of candidacy has been drilled into her head since day one, and though the interest is there, Briari decided to take up a life of a Harper, for now and will calmly wait to see whether or not candidacy will be in her future.


Name Gender Relation Location Position Status
B'rm (Brom) Male Father Telgar Weyr rider of bronze Treasath / Jman Smith NPC
Saisri Female Mother Telgar Weyr retired weyrwoman of gold Avarinth / Jman Harper NPC
S’ai Male Older Brother Fort Weyr Wingrider of bronze Zeruth PC
Brolen Male Younger Half-Brother (mother: Imallee) unknown unknown NPC
Broan Male Younger Half-Brother (mother: Anoryn) SmithCraft Hall Apprentice (Foundry) NPC
Leroa Female Younger Half-Sister (mother: Lera, TEW greenrider) StarCraft Hall Apprentice (Weather) Adoptable
Mearon Male Younger Half-Brother (mother: Meetra, TEW greenrider) Telgar Weyr Guard Adoptable
Bera Female Younger Half-Sister (mother: Meetra, TEW greenrider) Telgar Weyr Cook Adoptable
Romara Female Younger Half-Sister (mother: Mara, TEW greenrider) Telgar Weyr Weyrbrat Adoptable
Farris Female Paternal Aunt Igen Weyr Rider of blue Sarkith / Jman Harper NPC




Title OOC Date Cast
An Evening at the Beach March 30, 2015 Aanisah, Briari, C'rus, Kera, Merius
Cut Footloose April 05, 2015 Briari, Merius
Garden Party April 08, 2015 Briari, Merius, Reya, Siyu
In the Same Boat April 12, 2015 Briari, Merius
Lost (and Found) at Sea April 13, 2015 Briari, Marzoth, Merius, S'dny
Merry keeps being bad at stuff (this time it's darts) April 13, 2015 Briari, Merius
Gulls, Nails, Vines April 14, 2015 Briari, Merius, Reya, Rheidte, Siyu
Being Single might be Easier! April 19, 2015 Briari, Merius, Trysta
Funny Business April 19, 2015 Briari, Mackaje, Reya, Trysta
From Misunderstanding to Understanding April 21, 2015 Briari, Merius
All Bets are Off April 24, 2015 Aanisah, Briari, Merius, Slidra, Vanessa
Aanisah is Searched (kind of)! April 26, 2015 Aanisah, Briari, Merius, Miyan, S'dny, S'ic, T'revs
You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat April 27, 2015 Aanisah, Briari, Marzoth, Merius, S'dny, Typriaeth, Wilough
Failed Peace Talks April 28, 2015 Aanisah, Briari
Ships and Dragons April 30, 2015 Briari, Merius
Downtime at the Barracks May 03, 2015 Briari, Merius, Siyu
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