Full Name Bellamy
Sex Male
Craft Harper
Rank Apprentice
Specialty Piano and Voice
Birthplace Ista Weyr
Home Monaco Bay Weyr
Played By Hugh Vidler


Crowning this young man's head is a mass of thick straight black hair left a bit longer towards the front while kept short and tapered close at sides and back. The fullness of the front is usually swept off to the right side but tends to fall forward into his face occasionally, requiring it to be flicked out of the way or brushed back into place. His brows are on the thinner side, arched at their furthest ends, and are set above a pair of thickly lashed silver rimmed golden brown eyes. Between is a slim nose that flows effortlessly into a full set of lips more often than not quirked upwards at one corner. His build leans towards slender, but broad shoulders and a nicely developed musculature gives him a toned and athletic appearance overall. There is a quickness of energy about him, a joy for life that might just be contagious even when curled up beneath a tree reading in relative silence.

He wears a pair of tan suede pants, tucked into calf high dark brown leather boots. His sweater is somewhat oversized and untucked, colored the shade of purest ivory, over which several belts are looped at his hips simply for style rather than function. One slim wrist bears several bracelets in braided leather, runner hair, or macrame. On one shoulder is a knot which depicts him as a Harper apprentice assigned to Monaco Bay Weyr.


Bahlima was only fifteen turns old when she got pregnant, a fact she tried to hide for as long as she could from her family until such a thing wasn't plausible anymore. When her father found out he'd threatened to hunt down the young man responsible, but the young seamstress refused to identify him, stating that she was just as responsible as he was for what had happened. Furious, her parents sent her away from Half Moon Bay Weyr to her grandparents in Ista, where months later she gave birth to a son. Bellamy proved to be a beautiful and healthy child, one that Bahlima decided to raise herself with the help of her grandparents, and he very quickly became her whole world. As he grew, the more he looked like his father, but in personality they couldn't have been more different. Where Jaelyn barely cracked a smile, Bellamy was quick to smile and laugh, toddling after his mother wherever she went. As he got older, this didn't change in the least, showing an aptitude for music very early on. Bahlima fostered this interest as best as she could for as long as she could before she had little choice but to see the writing on the wall, Bellamy would need proper training at Harper Hall. The boy was barely ten turns old when he left home for the first time in his life, carried off on dragonback to the cold North, where he spent the next five turns and flourished. Friendly, outgoing, and unquantifiably talented in his chosen field of music; friends and admirers were never in short supply, but Bellamy never let it go to his head. Instead, he developed confidence and an outgoing nature that would undoubtedly serve him well in the turns to come. It was the summer of his fifteenth that he was assigned to Monaco Bay, traveling there shortly thereafter, and where he remains to this very day. What awaits Bellamy from here, only time will tell.


Name Relation Location Position
J'en Father Fort Weyr Bronzerider
Bahlima Mother Ista Weyr Seamstress
Terysae Half-Sister Igen Weyr Huntress
Jemahnye Half-Sister Fort Weyr Hell On Wheels
Leiukaelyn Half-Sister Fort Weyr Weyrbrat
Jaspyr Half-Brother Igen Weyr Weyrbrat
Riley Half-Brother Fort Weyr Weyrbrat
Hazyl Half-Sister Monaco Bay Weyr Weyrbrat
Jaxyn Half-Brother Igen Weyr Weyrbrat
P'rel Paternal Grandfather Ista Weyr Bronzerider
Jessira Paternal Grandmother High Reaches Weyr Junior Weyrwoman
Cenrie Uncle Ista Weyr Tattoo Artist & Beach Bum
I'srie Great Uncle Ista Weyr Bluerider
Rainer Great Uncle High Reaches Weyr Master Beastcrafter
Liyan Great Uncle Igen Weyr Master Tanner
Nalon Great Uncle Xanadu Weyr Master Seacrafter
R'an Second Cousin High Reaches Weyr Greenrider



Rivers of the Rainforest Green Sareth
As if amongst the darkness of the jungle floor, leaves of phthalo and castleton gather upon this slender lady's form, climbing upwards from each dainty, taloned foot, claiming each too-long limb, feathering at her haunches, before giving way to the sun-dappled brightness of the rainforest canopy. Certainly, shadows of hunter green still linger along her sides, dancing upwards along her slightly concave belly to her serpentine neck, even going so far as to tickle the end of her overly long snout, but this darkness is never truly able to gain the same foothold as that growing at her feet. Celadon, mantis and tea green leaves layer upon each other, like vines climbing up her lean sides, seeming to flutter in the sun, the bright organic nature of the pattern creating a sense that it is ever changing, chasing those shadows away as they dance unending across her hide. Amidst the brighter greens of the rainforest, a river of avocado winds its way from between her large, faceted eyes, pooling over her headknobs, and along the neat line of ridges that runs down her back, hints of sandbars appearing as golden markings that appear irregularly along its way - a bit of brightness on an eyeridge, a smudge on that ridge, a long streak darting down the side of her tail. The river of avocado flows outwards across her shoulders to each overly large wing before dispersing across sails of pistachio and olivine, in a million tiny tributaries, golden hued sandbars defining the spars that support each sail, high spots in the endless river delta.




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