Aisa (Aanisah)
Sex Female
Position Weyrling
Dragon Wilderness Explorer Green Eileth
Age 16
Birthplace Cove Hold
Home Monaco Bay Weyr
PB Tang Wei


Lean and strong, Aanisah's short frame is built for work. Only small feminine curves and the delicate facial features soften her overall look. Long dark hair frames a tanned oval face with an angular chin. Almond shaped brown eyes sit beneath slightly arched brown brows. Her nose is rounded at the tip and sweetheart lip a pale shade of pink.

Nisah wears a simple pair of brown work trousers that have seen their fair share of small repairs and partially washed out stains. Her shirt is equally basic, a sleeveless khaki colored tunic with a belt to keep it from billowing about her. Her work boots are the best tended part of her outfit, though still far from new. Her hair is often pulled back in a kerchief or thrown into a messy bun to keep all but a few wisps out of her face while the few escapees curl in a frame around her face.


Aanisah is the only daughter of two Cove Hold residents who work with the elderly. Given the Hold's reputation for inviting many a retiree to its picturesque local, there was never a dull or slow day in Aanisah's childhood. From the beginning, her parents expected her to assist with what duties she could after attending her Harper lessons. She might have liked to apprentice, but as she neared the age for apprenticing, her parents insisted that they had a good life at the Hold and she should follow in their footsteps since she already knew so much of the work.

Truthfully, she was ill-suited to the task, lacking the tenderness of character that made it rewarding work for her parents. As she aged, though she was dutiful to her family and her Hold, she began to want a different life for herself. The old stories may just be stories, but life at a Weyr with the possibility of one day finding a lifemate for herself seemed a much more bearable thing.

When she turned sixteen, she told them without remorse that she was departing and caught a ride with the next Monaco Bay rider to pass through. Recently arrived, she has taken a position—- helping the elderly. One might say it's something of a letdown to go from doing what she knew how to do in her home to doing what she knew how to do, just in a new place, but at least there are more possibilities in a Weyr for a young woman whose parents are no longer looking over her shoulder prepared to make all her life decisions for her. The future is bright and full of possibilities!

Aanisah was minding her own business (read: fighting with Merius) when Weyrleader T'revs asked her if she'd ever thought of standing for search. Not waiting to be asked, she told the Weyrleader just what she wanted was to stand. There was a bit more to it, of course, but one thing and another and she ended up with the white knot she wanted (even if she has to build a whole boat by herself (read: under Merius' supervision) in two or three sevens. She might even have to surrender her knot if she can't succeed, mightn't she? Well, at least Merius doesn't smell like prunes. (Hopefully.) And no one said she had to be nice~


Aani Mother Cove Hold resident - assists the elderly +20 turns
Sahraz Father Cove Hold resident - assists the elderly +26 turns
Razhain Brother Favorite Child -2 turns




Title OOC Date Cast
An Evening at the Beach March 30, 2015 Aanisah, Briari, C'rus, Kera, Merius
All Bets are Off April 24, 2015 Aanisah, Briari, Merius, Slidra, Vanessa
Aanisah is Searched (kind of)! April 26, 2015 Aanisah, Briari, Merius, Miyan, S'dny, S'ic, T'revs
You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat April 27, 2015 Aanisah, Briari, Marzoth, Merius, S'dny, Typriaeth, Wilough
Failed Peace Talks April 28, 2015 Aanisah, Briari
Reya's Minion? April 29, 2015 Aanisah, Reya
Why Mend Fences When You Can Build Boats? April 30, 2015 Aanisah, Merius
Neighbors~! May 02, 2015 Aanisah, Merius
New Lessons (Mack is Searched - and lectured!) May 06, 2015 Mackaje, T'revs, Aanisah
Beach Party, or Candidate Corruption? May 7, 2015 Mackaje, Kera, S'dny, T'revs, Aanisah, Rheidte, Wilough, Maorin, Merius, Reya
An ultrasound of a different manner ( egg touching!) May 08, 2015 Aanisah, Mackaje, Merius, Rheidte, T'revs, Wilough
Doubts May 8, 2015 Aanisah, Vanessa, Wilough
Options May 10, 2015 Aanisah, Reya, Siyu, T'revs
2015-05-24: Tzavayth and Draukaith's Eggs Hatch (25th PC Clutch) 24 May 2015 Aglaia, Aisa (Aanisah), Esiae, Fi, Kera, M'aj (Mackaje), M'rus (Merius), N'mon, Red (Rheidte), S'dny, S'yu (Siyu), Wilough
One Big Happy Family May 24, 2015 Aisa, Anique, M'aj, M'rus, Red, R'sian, S'dny, S'yu, Vanessa
No Holds Barred June 20, 2015 Aisa, M'rus
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