Former Characters
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Name Dragon/Color Status
Elle Transferred to Technician's Hall
Jeyinshi Transferred to Ista Weyr
Kadan Transferred to Harper Hall
Maeve Transferred via candidacy, ultimately to Dolphincraft Hall
Quilief Transferred to Xanadu
Serafina Transferred to Ierne Weyrhold
Shay Transferred to Xanadu
Yeralla Transferred out
Amarante Gold Theiath Transferred to Western Weyr
Jaziera Gold Keonath Transferred to Ista Weyr
Mianyi Gold Pagnisath Transferred to Xanadu Weyr
A'ven Bronze Glyith Transferred to Western Weyr
D'lei Bronze Garouth Transferred to Xanadu Weyr
Mar'ko Bronze Otieneth WeyrLeader at Fort Weyr
N'kor Bronze Nasrinth Transferred to Ista Weyr
R'en Bronze Sindrieth Weyrsecond at Half Moon Weyr
T'revs Bronze Draukaith Weyrleader at Xanadu Weyr
A'dar Blue Zeituth Transferred
A'deo Blue Xaventh Transferred to Fort Weyr
Ch'y Blue Etoth Transferred to Western Weyr
Delynni Blue Ryukith Transferred to Western Weyr
Athena Green Eledath Transferred to Ista Weyr
Jeniosa (Jessi) Green Aisuohkoth Impressed at Xanadu Weyr
Lilini Green Phiaroth Transferred to Western Weyr
Susia Green Torikath Transferred to Ierne WeyrHold


Name Dragon/Color Status
Aerian Retired
Baelen Retired
Bella Retired
Breton Retired
Briari Retired
Calla Retired
Chloe Retired
Cynn Retired
Deldrin Retired
Diekhara Retired
Donakan Retired
Eobella Retired
Eris Retired
Haunsem Retired
Ildiri Retired
Isobel Retired
Jannen Retired
Jeddia Retired
Jeffin Retired
Kaga Retired
Karmella Retired
Kayla Retired
Kestilran Retired
Korislle Retired
Leruis Retired
Lorenze Retired
Lyryn Retired
Maien Retired
Milo Retired
Morez Retired
Morrin Retired
Najara Retired
Narolor Retired
Ninmia Retired
Salis Retired
Sarintar Retired
Seeley Retired
Sellana Retired
Shilan Retired
Suselit Retired
Tarrin Retired
Tifla Retired
Tosni Retired
Tsenik Retired
Zaala Retired
Aliona Gold Isanath Retired
Ariah Gold Shaylith Retired
Azura Gold Svetlanath Retired/Converted to NPC
Espera Gold Kazarenth Retired
Etzlix Gold Tzenxineth Retired
Fi Gold Tzavayth Retired
Ica Gold Xhekuith Retired
Jheina Gold Talisyth Retired
Larissa Gold Samanth Retired
Lonriya Gold Isisth Retired
Natane Gold Fenillanth Retired
Nimway Gold Miyareith Retired
Syra Gold Arolaeth Retired
Tabi Gold Rakastath Retired
Vanessa Gold Ceresth Retired
A'tien Bronze Cereth Retired
B'rm Bronze Treasath Retired
C'andi Bronze Seiyruth Retired
D'ce Bronze Xiaoth Retired
E'fen Bronze Tyfth Retired
Es'nak Bronze Aevisaanth Retired
F'ley Bronze Selvath Retired
G'rism Bronze Troyseth Retired
He'ro Bronze Straketh Retired
Hil Bronze Osraebukath Retired
I'ro Bronze Tiwazth Retired
j-em Bronze Fenrith Retired to NPC
J'on Bronze Anguth Retired
J'red Bronze Maciulloth Retired
J'vin Bronze Zibranth Retired
J'yn Bronze Orionth Retired
K'ten Bronze Bixseth Retired
M'aj Bronze Sebraith Retired
Marcus Bronze Isseith Retired
Moritz Bronze Zonoreth Retired
M'rus Bronze Lamnixzth Retired
R'dy Bronze Ceth Retired
R'hem Bronze Zavadoth Retired
R'lo Bronze Tazorth Retired
S'rok Bronze Vrath Retired
S'u Bronze Tzettenvonth Retired
T'gon Bronze Cynxirth Retired
T'lar Bronze Concolth Retired
T'lin Bronze Ciragath Retired
To'by Bronze Nebryth Retired
T'us Bronze Varugoth Retired
T'uz Bronze Imaonth Retired/Converted to NPC
Ur'con Bronze Darlth Retired
X'eo Bronze Gradith Retired
Y'ui Bronze Angelesth Retired
A'ir Brown Hanzyth Retired
Ai'le Brown Seronth Retired
Ailoura Brown Obarath Retired
Aolani Brown Vodaith Retired
B'sil Brown Erixelth Retired
Chi Brown Ansonth Retired
C'rys Brown Jouenth Retired
Domuta Brown Tashmeth Retired
Gwen Brown Maemith Retired
J'me Brown Tzehrenvictoth Retired
J'son Brown Tzalerajanath Retired
Jika Brown Telaroth Retired
Kh'zan Brown Quamirth Retired
K'lon Brown Chunth Retired
Kaylis Brown Grellith Retired
Loren Brown Saeborheith Retired
M'kus Brown Parith Retired
Naiya Brown Grummith Retired
O'rien Brown Nazeryth Retired
P'rlan Brown Ceannath Retired
R'jin Brown Makoath Retired
R'nel Brown Perrinth Retired
R'sli Brown Takarath Retired
S'el Brown Obrinth Retired
S'dan Brown Cyrilth Retired
S'yu Brown Bhaltairth Retired
T'maz Brown Dementh Retired
Toblin Brown Cheyoth Retired
W'lhelm Brown Vilhelmeth Retired
Y'sar Brown Kersenth Retired
Z'yer Brown Inith Retired
Zaria Brown Donaraynith Retired
Alecki Blue Rath Retired
Ariana Blue Kayloth Retired
Blaze Blue Phaedranth Retired
Chrissa Blue Fyhareth Retired
D'ion Blue Svodamirth Retired
Danae Blue Quinzelth Retired
Di-Az Blue Bnith Retired
Doktah Blue Nyath Retired
J'chi Blue Tekheleth Retired
K'han Blue Pheyth Retired
K'lon Blue Angaroth Retired
K'nan Blue Phailinugoth Retired
Kali Blue Bynkhameth Retired
L'ae Blue Loraenth Retired
L'ei Blue Zalnitakyth Retired
L'cean Blue Ynreth Retired
Maelliss Blue Rashneth Retired
O'ren Blue Nivaath Retired
R'ai Blue Gizokuth Retired
Ruald Blue Ruask Retired
S'oe Blue Ghedith Retired
S'var Blue Makioth Retired
Sh'ai Blue Taigeth Retired
Sh'y Blue Tuulikkith Retired
Sydni Blue Azioneth Retired
T'vor Blue Rasiloth Retired
Vr'nt Blue Kostayath Retired
Wilough Blue Verlanth Retired
Ze'an Blue Orykoth Retired
Zuliara Blue Nyseth Retired
Aanisah Green Eileth Retired
Anique Green Typriaeth Retired
A'ran Green Shaseith Retired
Arden Green Syhareth Retired
Arista Green Jusryth Retired
Ayla Green Aslith Retired
Enriah Green Zillahth Retired
Etheria Green Padrith Retired
Faeyling Green Rhownwenth Retired
Fia Green Qpendrekiinath Retired
L'im Green Sahanth Retired
K'ee Green Yuuith Retired
K'lar Green Zeleth Retired
Katlyn Green Artemisth Retired
Keefa Green Kiylinth Retired
Kohana Green Iraslenth Retired
Koshini Green Amaitakawaraith Retired
Krysa Green Haeyaneth Retired
L'ya Green Mhaemoth Retired
Leah Green Hollanth Retired
Liva Green Vsylith Retired
Lysette Green Ayath Retired
M'kai Green Adrith Retired
Mahlia Green Seracenath Retired
Madlyn Green Agskath Retired
Matt Green Zyhaneth Retired
Miyan Green Rhieyeth Retired
Mysia Green Talsohlerrosath Retired
N'andi Green Tinkith Retired
Nelali Green Teerith Retired
O'lief Green Kheyuth Retired
Raeyne Green Ziatath Retired
Red Green Zhimbarceth Retired
R'sian Green Tzombeth Retired
Shellie Green Rieselth Retired
Sri Green Zeyth Retired
T'ayne Green Kelmaimenth Retired
Tequoia Green Ylvath Retired
Tevla Green Verenath Retired
Tya Green Sidheth Retired
Tyne Green Kayshoth Retired
Ur'yu Green Kojakuth Retired
Val'in Green Aurath Retired
X'nder Green Sidonieth Retired
Xe'n Green Tezzath Retired
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