Technology Craft

The Technicians craft or Tech craft is based at landing, and is an NPC craft. No PC's reside at the hall.

IC Leadership

Craftmaster: Craftmaster Aibo

Description: The Technicians Craft, or Techcraft, is responsible for maintaining, installing, and developing the new technology on Pern in this timeline. Our duties include work with the communications systems (farspeakers and distance-writers), continuing work on the remains of the AIVAS databases through the Computer Craft, and with the smaller work-stations that were left behind, and work with motors and other electronics. We coordinate closely with the Smithcraft as part of our job, as well as the Harpercraft


Communications — responsible for sending information; includes farspeakers, distance-writers, and the like.
Enginecraft — engines (mostly electrical motors and generators).
Engineercraft — general electronics and circuit design and theory.

General Informaion

Device: On a white field, a bright red Cog.
Imports: N/A
Exports: N/A
Tel compatible Rooms: None
Bound to Weyr: MBW
Webpage: None

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