Landing is a NPC area in game, beholden to Monaco.

Current IC Council (NPC)

Starsmith Master: Pryshka
Central Hold Lord: Nekot
Benden WeyrLeader: Fr'nkie
Description: Landing is run by the Council of Weyrs, Crafts and Holds and has no Lord. One representative is chosen from the Holds, Crafts and Weyrs. Landing is the current center for all the crafts at Landing University.

General Information

Device: None
Imports: None
Exports: TechCraft items, computer parts, radios, printed books, news scrolls & other printed matter
@Tel compatible Rooms: Bonfire Square (#1090)
Bound to Weyr: MBW
Webpage: None

Active Members at Monaco
.. Character Name … ……. Dragon/Color ……. …………… Position ……………

For a list of all members of this area, use: lan .who/all
For more in depth information, some, but not all areas have global help. Try +lanhelp
To see who has been active in this area in the last two weeks, try activecheck lan
To have your character show up as being from Landing, tag the page with LAN

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