Cove Hold
IC Leadership

Lady Ileana (NPC)

Description: Come visit the prestigious, famous Cove Hold! Located on a secluded little cove in the southern continent. It has remained nearly the same as when it was build for the use of the legendary Master Harper! It is a small hold looking for a few select residents to lay on it's wide verandas, pick from the fruit from heavily laden trees, and swim in the inviting, crystal clear waters. Sugary white beaches, and a spectacular view of the night sky as well! Living at it's -very- best!

General Informaion

Device: On a light green field, a blue harp.
Imports: N/A
Exports: Peace & Quiet (rest/vacation/tourist spot) Retirement Hold.
Tel compatible Rooms: None
Bound to Weyr: MBW
Webpage: None

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