Cove Hold

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NPC's Lady Holder Ileana (daughter of deceased Lord Holder).
Description: Come visit the presigious, famous Cove Hold! Located on a secluded little cove in the southern continent. It has remained nearly the same as when it was build for the use of the legendary Master Harper! It is a small hold looking for a few select residents to lay on it's wide verandas, pick from the fruit from heavily laden trees, and swim in the inviting, crystal clear waters. Sugary white beaches, and a spectacular view of the night sky as well! Living at it's -very- best!

Device: On a light green field, a rich blue Harp
Exports: Peace & Quiet (rest/vacation/tourist spot) Retirement Hold.
Teleable Rooms:
Bound to Weyr: EAW
Recent Events: At Cove Hold develops plumbing problems. (08/21/10). - At Cove Hold a person dies (03/26/06). - At Cove Hold there is a food fight. (11/25/05) - At Cove Hold there is an Unexplained Explosion. (11/8/05) - At Cove Hold a fruit crop is destroyed by blight. (10/18/05) - Gather. (10/16/05) - At Cove Hold a rampaging herdbeast bull on the loose.. (10/7/05) - At Cove Hold a person finds a lost herdbeast. (8/17/05) - At Cove Hold there is a person is biten by a poisonous tunnelsnake. (7/4/05) - Gather (2/19/05) - An unnamed person at Cove Hold fell off a runnerbeast and broke their leg. (1/23/05) - Flooding reported at Cove Hold during huricane. No injuries reported at this time (12/31/04) - Gather (1/14/05) -
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