Computer Craft

The computer craft is an NPC area in game, located at Landing and beholden to Monaco.

IC Leadership (NPC)

Craftmaster: Craftmaster Gaytes
Craftsecond: Craftmaster Mactosh
Other Masters include: Master Leenix,
Description: Those who maintain, build, program, etc. the computers of Pern.


Infocraft — responsible for maintaining computing systems, including what's left of the AIVAS databases (quite a lot, actually, as only the AI part is gone, but the database of knowledge remains).
Programers— Just what you think it is..People who write programs.

General Information

Device: On a white field, a bright red Computer Chip
Imports: Plastics, silicon and other things used in making computer components
Exports: Computer Software and Hardware
@Tel compatible Rooms: Courtyard #76 and Apprentice Dorms #10461
Bound to Weyr: MBW
Webpage: None

Active Members at Monaco
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