A Letter Home

Ista Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
Ista's weyrling barracks are absolutely monumental in size, the massive cavern more than large enough for some eighty dragonpairs, in theory, although it is setup for perhaps half that number at any one time, able to accomodate hatchlings and those close to graduation. Depressions in the stone floor make couches that are situated along both walls, some large enough for a queen, to more modest ones, small enough for greens, with a cot and press beside each for the young dragon's lifemate.
The middle of the room is set aside for training - there is seating, and also plenty of space for the weyrlings to spread out with their bonds. Several large oil bins are located strategically close to each grouping of couches, as well as bins for meat, and various blades for cutting. A passage leads in from the bowl, another to the weyrlingmaster's office, and a third deep into the bowels of the weyr - following around to the hatching sands.

No matter how much she had told herself it needed to be done, when it finally came time to admit the past 3 months had changed things Aliona was still reluctant. Between training, oiling, bathing, feed, and sleeping there simply had not been the time or the energy to think about going to the stables, never mind actually making it there. yet still she resisted making the final move to get M'rim to write a note home for her. Instead she sat awake one night, yawning but determined.

Though she picked up the pen with a determined enough move she couldn't bring herself to make contact with the scrap she'd grabbed for the note. Instead she first checked Isanath was still asleep, made sure that there was enough ink, and decided to tidy up her cot a little before she started.

Maybe a nap.

The thought was such a simple one and would have been the easiest thing to do. Just put it off another day. A snort from over the other side of the barracks signalled someone rolling over in their sleep, but it was enough to make her freeze for a moment and then finally get to work.

Though her spelling still was terrible, and she had a tendency to make up words rather than use ones that exist, the note soon took some vague sort of shape. She paused, looking at the note and then scoring out most of it. Could wake up M'rim, maybe he wouldn't be too mad. But she knew that was a lie, the greenrider was as tired as any of them.

A second attempt was made, the note simply reading,


Things hav chaingd hear. Nead you too com get Teba.


It would do. She would tell him in person, let him meet her, then he'd understand. Or she could get M'rim to write something better tomorrow.

Isanath moved beside her, wakened enough to register emotion but still mostly asleep. Though there were no words shared, just sleepy sparkles of ruby, it brought a smile to Aliona's face for a time as she fastened the note to the permanently grouchy Skellig and sent him off in search of the caravan.

Tomorrow she would ask M'rim to help, but that would be tomorrow. Grabbing her blanket she moved to curl up in the gap between Isanath's forelegs, needing that closeness and comfort.

Sleep came quickly, and for once it was without guilt.

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