Butting Heads

Ista Weyr - Training Grounds
A velvety verdant blanket covers one side of this wide open training area, near the guard barracks, but those luscious shoots are interrupted quite bluntly by a huge bald tawny spot. Said brown spot is littered with wooden padded 'fight dummies' which look very much used and abused. Not to mention the several sparring circles that span out across the dirt and grass areas. Off to one side are targets for bow and arrow practice.
The other side is fenced off by a low wooden rail with an opening at one end. This area is about half grass, a quarter dirt, and another quarter water in the form of an artificial lake. Several places are gouged out as though by dragon claws. In one corner, near the entrance to the weyrling barracks, the ground-cover is stained with blood from turns of weyrlings butchering and processing meat for their lifemates. A large tub of oil stands near the lake with a series of scrubby brushes hanging from hooks along its rim.
To the south, a large tunnel into the bowl wall leads into the guard barracks, while towards the northeast, the bowl proper spreads out. The weyrling barracks are due east, past the lake and grass area.

It took 6 days before the first real argument exploded between Isanath and Aliona, the young gold's habit of prodding at flaws she deemed to be less than proper finally going one push too far.

« You are slouching. »

"What?" Aliona turned, looking back towards the entrance to the weyrling barracks and finding Isanath sitting there primly, tail curled around her feet, gaze fixed on Ali's back.

« You are slouching. » Isanath repeated, the statement worded simply as if it were the most obvious thing in the world to have said.

"No I ain't! An' how d'you even /know/ that word? Y'ain't even been hatched a seven!" Aliona snapped her reply back, trying to concentrate on cutting up food for the young dragon but finding herself almost automatically straightening her back a little. "There ain't nothin' wrong with how I'm standin'."

« If there is not 'nothing' wrong with your posture, then clearly you know that there /is/ something wrong with it. » Isanath's mental voice flashed for a second with an angry brown. « Why do you not listen? »

"I don't do nothin' /but/ listen to ya! Don't say Ain't, stand up straight, eat prop'ly, don't embarrass us! Y'never shut up sometimes!" The cleaver thunked down hard onto the chopping block, sending a small piece of meat tumbling to the ground.

Confusion flashed in Isanath's mind, tinged with the much darker colours of hurt and sadness. « I am only trying to help. »

"Yeah well don't. I done fine up till now." As soon as it was out of Aliona's mouth she regretted it, letting out a flurry of curses that normally would earn her a stern rebuke but this time receives nothing but sadness. "Shells Izzy I'm sorry." Cleaver is abandoned, meat left to be fought over by firelizards behind her back as Aliona rushed over to soothe ruffled emotions. "I just ain't use t'havin' someone else there all the time. I'll get better, baby. Promise."

Isanath seemed reluctant to allow any sort of embrace at first, though with the apology she relaxed a little, leaning her head against Aliona. « Isanath. » She can't quite help but give that one last piece of advice, but at least it's quickly followed by a chuckle from Aliona.

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