Weyrlings' First Sleep

Ista Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
Ista's weyrling barracks are absolutely monumental in size, the massive cavern more than large enough for some eighty dragonpairs, in theory, although it is set-up for perhaps half that number at any one time, able to accommodate hatchlings and those close to graduation. Depressions in the stone floor make couches that are situated along both walls, some large enough for a queen, to more modest ones, small enough for greens, with a cot and press beside each for the young dragon's lifemate.
The middle of the room is set aside for training - there is seating, and also plenty of space for the weyrlings to spread out with their bonds. Several large oil bins are located strategically close to each grouping of couches, as well as bins for meat, and various blades for cutting. A passage leads in from the bowl, another to the weyrlingmaster's office, and a third deep into the bowels of the weyr - following around to the hatching sands.

Going to bed angry is never a good plan for anyone, and though Aliona was at least apologetic when she left the party there was no doubt that it had upset her enough to wake Isanath. It meant an uneasy night, first as they both attempted to calm down enough to sleep, and then secondly as the dreams that Aliona normally forgot the next morning became amplified, confused, and all the more disturbing.

Walking through the bowl with her father Aliona was, for some reason, giving him a guided tour of the Weyr. Walking past the entrance to the infirmary, the living caverns, and out towards the ocean. Though there was no speech somehow they were talking, laughing, but as they got to steps that led to the beach her legs began to feel heavier and the ground beneath them began to shake.

Slowly the ground beneath them turned to sand, and from sand it turned quicksand, both beginning to sink instead of moving forwards. Jungle vines tugged at them, trying to keep them afloat, but no matter how much Aliona pulled at them to try to lift herself from the quicksand, the more she sank, and the more her panic rose.

She flailed.

She couldn't breathe.

Aliona's eyes flew open and for a second the panic remained as she looked up, not at the ceiling as she expected, but at an expanse of sunset wing that had been draped over her from the dragon couch at her side. It took some time before her breathing slowed back to normal, but the panic remained much longer and she quickly got up and moved over to the exit to the bowl. Fresh air. Slowly she calmed, though a mental nudge had her returning to bed instead of leaving to walk as she normally did.

"Ain't hurt. Were only a dream. Go back t'sleep Izzy."

« Isanath. » The young gold protested sleepily. Halfheartedly.

Aliona chuckled, taking one last deep breath and pushing herself away from the bowl exit to head back to her new partner's side. A gentle pat of Isanath's tail was rewarded by a happy mental jewel, though as Aliona lay down once more it was clear that sleep was not going to come quickly. She tossed and turned for what felt like an hour, eventually settling with her back pressed against the dragon couch. A moment later Isanath's tail slid across to drape over Aliona, a distant hug that made everything, for a time, better.

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