A Moment's Regret

Aliona and Isanath's Weyr
The highest of the junior queens ledges, this one is often overlooked for its lack of space and unusual construction, but now is very much occupied.

The ledge itself is fairly nondescript, just a shelf of rock leading back to a natural fissure in the rock that has been carefully widened to allow the passage of dragon-kind. Inside the roof stretches far far up into darkness, allowing the occupant to not have to bother dusting corners, but this natural cavern is barely wide enough to fit a big gold, and the entire floor constitutes the wallow. High up on one wall is an opening in the rock, a window of sorts, and some handholds have been cut into the wall to allow access — though the sensible would investigate the crack in the right hand wall that houses a narrow passageway that leads up.

Another bubble of rock is found at the top of the passageway or climb, and here nature has been turned into home. A table and chairs sit near the 'window' to the weyr, a small fireplace and many shelves filling the rest of the space. A further bubble of rock to the north houses a bed, and a cabinet has been squashed in there though it's likely at least two of the drawers will never open, whilst off to the eastern side is a smaller crease of stone that hides a mossy green wall where water trickles down and into a natural stone basin — not big enough for a bath, but big enough to wash in at least.

Aliona scrubbed. Scrubbed the forest from her hair. Scrubbed the after-effects of the flight from her skin. Scrubbed the mark on her neck that stubbornly refused to go. But no matter how hard she scrubbed she could not remove the overwhelming feeling of guilt that had come crashing down around her once she was alone. It was a blessing that Isanath was asleep, she would have enough problems when she woke back to her normal self.

It should have been so easy. The thought slipped free as she once again angrily scrubbed at her neck. He's going to hate me now. She had known how much it meant to him, to finally show his father, and yet…. She let out a long, frustrated noise and left the washing nook, throwing herself onto the bed and not caring that she was damp.

« I chose wrongly? » Isanath's comment took her by surprise, and she found herself shaking her head though the young gold was nowhere near to see it. "Ain't that. Y'done good."

A flash of brightly coloured confusion spilled across the mental link. « But he is one of ours. »

"I know, Izzy, I know. It's just… f'rget it. Y'done good. More eggs soon, an' that's always good."

The silence that followed was almost deafening, and then « I do not understand. »

"It's… it's a person thing. Go back t'sleep. I'll be okay in a minute." A long minute. An hour passed in silence and still Aliona had not moved, she simply stared at the ceiling. It was the chill that won in the end and caused her to move, rolling over to grab the edge of the blanket below her and shuffle-hop-wrap herself in it. She was still in that position when Isanath finally landed in the weyr and stretched her head up to peer into the room.

On bare feel Aliona wandered out to the main cavern, still wrapped in the blanket, taking refuge under one gingery wing. Finally she slept.

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